Student Performance Evaluation

Throughout the course, the student will be evaluated on his/her performance of the in-class exercises, any assignements that be assigned and most importantly on his/her performance on the Individual and Group Projects assigned, with duly completed and submitted before the given deadlines.

The Individual and Group Projects will be divided into a first-half quarter requirement and a second half-quarter requirement.These projects will thoroughly evaluate a student's skill in both understanding and implementing the concepts covered during the duration of the course both on an individual basis and on the student's capabilities in working together with other members of his/her group and successfully completing the tasks assigned to that individual by the members of the group.

Specific details about the Individual and Group Projects can be retrieved by following the links to each of the respective topics.

Individual Midterm Web Project

Create an introductory UNIX tutorial website. All materials for this individual site must be written by you in your own words. You may not use anything from anywhere else at all. All graphics and visual images for this site must have been created by you. You may not use anything from anywhere else at all. In other words, this is a website that you make ... all by yourself. Did I remember to mention that you must make everything for this project?

The website should include at least 20 separate pages linked (that's 20 separate .html files, or the equivalent with permission of the instructor). You will be graded on your:

  1. basic design
  2. organization of information
  3. content
  4. navigation
  5. and use of XHTML & CSS (both text and positioning)

Include as a part of your project a separate linked "About" Web page or set of pages documenting what you have done in each and every grading category above.

Due not later than midnight of Wednesday of week 5 (20 percent).

Group Midterm Web Project


The design of the Web "site" for this class has not been reworked for several years, and could be better. The task for your teams is to design (and then implement for the final group project) a new site for this class, and one which works equally well on "big screen" and mobile devices.


The WebMonkey Online Specifications should be used for the design document. The design document should be completely online, and should not just say what you want to do. The design document should also clearly show why you have chosen whatever approach and content and etc which you choose to use.

You may choose to use either XHTML (Strict) or HTML5, but you need to say why you chose one over the other.

Site Design Document

Your group will create a Site Design Document with page mock-ups using the WebMonkey Online Specifications. Note that there are 5 lessons on the site each one dealing with multiple sections of the document. Your group needs to create a document that explicitly deals with each and every lesson.

Developing and presenting this sort of document is not a trivial task, and this sort of work makes a lot of consulting firms a lot of money. Web-aware companies know having a good design document will save them money and heartache in actually getting a website up and running smoothly.

The Point of the Design Document

Organizing information for presentation on the Web is not the same as organizing information for presentation on paper. One of the points of giving you this material to work with is that the structure of the data is clear and already in place. It is pure HTML, and it has a table of contents and an organization for information chunks already in place. Your basic task is to communicate how this cookbook can most effectively be re-organized for Web navigation and presentation.

Main Tasks

  • Goals
  • User Experience
    • Audience
    • Scenarios
    • Competative Analysis
  • Content
    • Content Grouping and Labeling
    • Functional Requirements
    • Content Inventory
  • Site Structure
    • Site Structure Listing (or Summary)
    • Architectural Blueprints
    • Global and Local Navigation Systems
  • Visual Design
    • Layout Grids
    • Design Sketches
    • Page Mock-ups
    • Web-based Prototype

For Group Leaders

I will expect group leaders to post a series of progress notes to your group project Web page, at least one per week. These notes should detail the progress of your group towards meeting the requirements of the project that week, and what each and every member of your group is going to accomplish the following week.

In other words, group leaders are expected to post on the group webpage each and every week at least one note about what concrete and measurable objectives:

  • your team as a whole has completed in the previous week and will complete by the time you post again the following week.
  • each and every member of your team individually has completed in the previous week and will complete by the time you post again the following week.

Due Date & Time

Due Wednesday of week 6, not later than 2400 hours (20 percent).

(That is 2400 hours, New York time, on the Planet Earth... the one in the Milky Way)

Group Website Project Teams

Groups list for Project One

Individual Final Web Project

Using a few of the technologies we've covered in the second half of the course (javascript, dhtml, PHP, etc.), re-create and redesign your original individual midterm Web site. Demonstrate your increased skills in more than one area covered in the second half of the course (javascript, dhtml, PHP, etc.). You may need to expand the content of the Web site. Include as a part of your project a separate linked page documenting what you have done in each area. The idea is to demonstrate you have learned something in the second half of this term about how to build Web sites and pages. The resulting project should be quite a bit different from or very much refined from your individual midterm Web site.

Due Monday of finals week at one minute before midnight (20 percent).

Group Project: Site Redesign






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