Week 1

Intro & Project Overview

Course Overview: Introduction & Foundation Materials


Week 3

Interaction Design

Group Web Page due Sunday midnight

Week 4

Page Design


Week 5

A Bit of This and a Bit of That: CSS, PHP, & JavaScript


Individual Midterm, due Wednesday midnight

Week 6

Deeper Into Scripting

  • Client-side Scripting: Javascript
  • MVC: The Document Object Model
  • Javascript: Review the Basics
  • JavaScript: Enhancing Interactivity
  • JavaScript Libraries and AJAX


Group Midterm, due Wednesday midnight

Week 7

Dynamic Pages

  • Dynamic Pages
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Cross Browser Compatability
  • Development Case Study: A sliding menu system

Dynamics in the Browser

The Document Object Model

"Liquid Layout" Walkthrough

Week 8

Servers & Forms

Example Uses:

Final Project Milestone

Monday: Group Final Project design document ready for in-class review

Week 9


  • PERL & CGI
  • Outputting HTML (or whatever)
  • Regular Expressions
  • Apache configuration
  • Server Side Includes & .htaccess

Final Project Milestone

Monday: Group Final Project site mock-up ready for in-class review

Wednesday: Practice Practical Exam

Week 10

Accessability & Demos Begin

Monday: Practical Exam

Final Project Milestone

Wednesday: Group Final Project functional demos ready for in-class review

exam week