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The PhotoForum Member's Exhibit Space is a non-juried space dedicated to exhibit subscriber's work on a rotating basis. Subject matter is wide ranging and similar to what one would find in a conventional fine art gallery or exhibit space. This is not a fine art gallery that exhibits only the best of anyone's work but one where experimental work or work-in-progress may also be exhibited. The gallery staff makes unappealable decisions as to what is ultimately accepted for inclusion.
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December 20, 2014
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Klaus Knuth

The way I like to remember - Manhattan in 1989

Jan Faul

Fifty-one 52's

Emily Ferguson

'tis the season

Randy Little

Christmas 2014 Card.

Andrew Davidhazy

Season's Greetings!

A vintage group project was the 2010 Book of Photographs by members of PhotoForum.
25 printed copies purchased to date. The last one was purchased in April, 2012.

Is there any interest in publishing a new edition of PhotoForum members' photographs?

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