Our organic research lab is dedicated to the synthesis of novel biologically active natural products. We are a relatively small research group usually consisting of one masters student and two to three undergraduates.

Contact Information
Dr. Christina Goudreau Collison
Associate Professor
School of Chemistry and Materials Science
85 Lomb Memorial Dr.
Rochester, NY 14623

Phone: (585)475-2634
email: cgcsch@rit.edu



NEWS: This summer has been super productive! Hannah, Charlie, and Dan have been working hard getting their projects not only up and running but they have been getting great results as well!

NEWS: Welcome to the group Mohammed Hawsawi. Mohammed joins us as an MS student in Chemistry and will be joining the Aplydactone team.

NEWS: Congratulations Hannah on being awarded a COS Summer Research Fellowship to work in the lab for this summer 2014!

AWARDS: Congratulations Austin Kelly on winning the Organic Chemistry Award. The Award in Analytical Chemistry went to our very own Katherine Valentine. And drum roll please....The Outstanding First-Year Student Award went to newcomer to our group, Andrew Streit! Well done!

PRESENTATIONS: Great job Hannah, Christine, Austin and Andrew on presenting your work as a poster at the Local ACS meeting 2014 hosted by RIT.

NEWS: Welcome to the group our newest members: Andrew Streit '17 and Rachael Hamlin '17. So excited to have both of you get your hands dirty in the lab!

NEWS:With new research projects comes new research members. Welcome to the group Charlie Ayotte and Dan Saviola. Charlie and Dan are working on the NSF-funded pedagogy project with Dr. Cody, Dr. Kim and me.

NEWS: This is RIT's first semester! We no longer live under quarters. I am also on sabbatical this semester and will return to teach advanced organic and organic II in the spring to the non-majors. Since three of my 4 group members are graduating in the spring I need to get some lab mates for Hannah :)

GRANT: I am very excited to report that Dr. Cody and I were awarded a
2013 NSF TUES grant for our proposal entitled: Collaborative Research: Transforming the Organic Chemistry Experience: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Studio-Based Modules.

NEWS: I was thrilled to be awarded the 2012-2013 Eisenhart Award for excellence in teaching. A very big thank you to all of my students past and present for my nominations and for supporting me at the ceremony! It was so wonderful see you all there!