Kara L. Maki
Assistant Professor
Rochester Institute of Technology
School of Mathematical Sciences









Refereed Journal Articles
* Indicates undergraduate student co-author

9. J. Huang, K. Lee, E. Clarkson, M. Kupinski, K.L. Maki, D.S. Ross, J.V. Aquavella and J.P. Rolland. Phantom study of tear film dynamics with optical coherence tomography and maximum-likelihood estimation. Optics Letters 38 (2013), 1721-1723.
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8. K.L. Maki and Y. Renardy. The dynamics of a viscoelastic liquid which displays thixotropic yield stress behavior. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 181 (2012), 30-50.
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7. K.L. Maki and S. Kumar. Fast evaporation of spreading droplets of colloidal suspensions. Langmuir 27 (2011), 11347-11363.
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6. K.L. Maki and Y. Renardy. The dynamics of a simple model for a unified treatment of thixotropic yield stress fluids. Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 165 (2010), 1373-1385.
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5. K.L. Maki, R.J. Braun, P. Ucciferro*, W.D. Henshaw and P.E. King-Smith. Tear film dynamics on an eye-shaped domain II: Flux boundary conditions. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 647 (2010), 361-390.
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4. K.L. Maki, R.J. Braun, W.D. Henshaw and P.E. King-Smith. Tear film dynamics on an eye-shaped domain I: Pressure boundary conditions. Mathematical Medicine and Biology 27 (2010), 227-254.
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3. K.L. Maki, R.J. Braun, T.A. Driscoll and P.E. King-Smith. An overset grid method for the study of reflex tearing. Mathematical Medicine and Biology 25 (2008), 187-214.
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2. A. Heryudono, R.J. Braun, T.A. Driscoll, L.P. Cook, K.L. Maki and P.E. King-Smith. Single-equation models for the tear film in a blink cycle: Realistic lid motion. Mathematical Medicine and Biology 24 (2007), 347-377.
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1. T.A. Driscoll and K.L. Maki. Searching for rare growth factors using multicanonical Monte Carlo methods. SIAM Review 49 (2007), 673-692.
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K.L. Maki. Computational Solutions of Linear Systems and Models of the Human Tear Film. Ph.D. Thesis. Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Delaware (2009).