The PZGui Toolbox for Matlab®

©1996-2015, Mark A. Hopkins

The ultimate interactive graphical tool
for studying SISO transfer functions

·      Handles both continuous-time and discrete-time

o  Enables linkages between these two domains

·      Works under any Matlab version from 2008a on up

o  Either the Student Version,
or the Professional Version with Controls Toolbox

·      This new release is Matlab 2014b Graphics-Ready

o  Responsiveness under older versions of Matlab
has also been greatly improved.

·      Developed over the past 20 years as a teaching tool

o  Easily create dependable illuminating classroom demos

o  Very popular with students studying controls

·       All plots are extraordinarily interactive and cross-linked


This software is free,
if used only for educational purposes.

Click here to download PZGui v8.0.80
(March 19, 2015) zipped m-files & user manual

For more information about this highly interactive toolbox,
see the completely updated and comprehensive 55-page PZGui User’s Manual.


     If used for commercial purposes, licensing is required:

    Individual licenses are US$200 for each machine in which it is installed,

     or US$2,000 for each commercial site.

     Contact info:  Prof. Mark A. Hopkins

                             Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering

                             Rochester Institute of Technology

                             79 Lomb Memorial Drive

                             Rochester  NY  14623

     Make check payable to Mark A. Hopkins
     New York state customers add 8% sales tax.

Other features:

·      Powerful PID, Lead, Lag, and Gain controller-design tools

·       Many ways to import and modify transfer-function models

o   Can import vectors of poles and zeros

o   Can import “tf”, “zpk”, and “ss” objects

o   Can import frequency-response data from “frd” objects

o   Can import SISO submodels of MIMO models

o   Can import such objects from mat-files

·      Enables nonzero delay to be included

·      Open-loop and closed-loop time-response plots

·      Open-loop and closed-loop Bode magnitude & phase plots

·      Nichols plot with Nichols grid

o  Can highlight Nichols grid linkages to closed-loop Bode plots

·      Sophisticated Nyquist-plotting

o  Shows both the Nyquist-contour and the Nyquist-plot

o  Easily handles poles on the stability boundary

§  Modifies the contour as necessary

o  Has a Nyquist-plot “movie” option

·      Output sensitivity plot, computes Bode log-integral

·       Easily handles models with hundreds of poles and zeros

·       Can generate large random “flexible-structure-like” models

·       Background color is selectable, either black or white

o   Default black is best for overhead projection


Main graphical user interface (GUI) for continuous-time:

Main  graphical user interface (GUI) for discrete-time: