Richard Shearman

Associate Professor, STS/Public Policy

Rochester Institute of Technology


I am currently a member of the Science, Technology, Society/Public Policy Department in the College of Liberal Arts.  I have taught a variety of courses over the years with an emphasis on environmental science at both introductory and advanced levels for the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. 

My current research is aimed at achieving a better understanding of the practical problems associated with the conservation of biodiversity.  I am particularly concerned about the conflicts that can emerge between human development and environmental preservation.  This presently includes 1) an examination of the differing ideological and epistemological foundations of the natural and social sciences as applied to conservation and 2) a study into the nature and limitations of interdisciplinary research.

Academic Profile

Observing a microhabitat containing tadpoles at the City of Rocks in southwestern New Mexico


BA (Biology) Western State College of Colorado

MS (Biology) Eastern New Mexico University

Ph.D (Environmental Science) State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse

Current Courses:

Environment & Society (Fall, Winter)

Biodiversity & Society (Fall)

Introduction to Environmental Studies (Winter, Spring)

Recent Articles:

Two Cultures: Reconciling Sustainability Between the Social and Natural SciencesProceedings of the International Sustainability Conference 2009, Villanova University.  In association with Evelyn Brister (Dept. of Philosophy, RIT). Under Review.

Wetland Conservation: The Role of Environmental Science, Values and

Advocacy.  In Wetlands Stewardship: On Bringing Public, Government, Corporate and Scientific Understanding to Wetlands Management.  In Process.

Can We be Friends of the Earth?  Environmental Values 14(2005): 503-512.

Recent Presentations:

Two Cultures: Reconciling Sustainability Between the Social and Natural Sciences. International Sustainability Conference, Villanova University, April 2009. (In collaboration with Evelyn Brister, Department of Philosophy, RIT)

Valuing Diversity, Valuing Human Flourishing:  The Challenge of Protecting Biodiversity While Protecting People.  International Association for Science, Technology and Society, Rochester Institute of Technology, April 2009.  (In collaboration with Evelyn Brister, Department of Philosophy, RIT)

Hyper Individualism and Community:  A Response to Deep Economy. Gannett Colloquium on the Work of Bill McKibben.  Rochester Institute of Technology. October, 2008.