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Medicine Wheel Colors


What do the four colors represent?

There are four basic colors of a medicine wheel. Each color is unique and has significant meaning. The most common and basic meanings are listed below.

Four Basic Colors

The four basic colors that are used to make a medicine wheel are:
White, Yellow, Red and Black

White represents the North, the white race, wisdom and air.
Yellow represents the East, the yellow race, sun and fire.
Red represents the South, the red race, plants and water.
Black represents the West, the black race, physical and earth.

Additional Meanings

Some tribes have additional meanings attached to the four colors. Below is a wheel with more significant meanings. Additional information can be found by clicking the image below.

The Center

The center of the medicine wheel is often left untouched, or some medicine wheels will overlap the colors over each other. The center represents a mid-point where everything within the circle comes together. It often represents a place of inner peace, harmony and balance.

Getting Started

Now you know what the colors represent, you are now ready to get started.

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