Chapter Bylaws


Each Member shall pay dues to begin and maintain membership. Dues will be ten dollars per year. Five will go towards local membership and be collected by the Treasurer and five will be collected on OneSHPE for national dues.


Section 1, President Shall:

  1. Preside at the general meetings of this organization and meetings of the Executive Board/Officers.
  2. Neither make motions nor vote unless the members present are divided. In this case he/she shall cast the vote to break the tie. The single exception to this rule is that the President may vote in elections.
  3. Make appointments for all chair positions in accordance with officers.
  4. Create or abolish such ad-hoc Chairs deemed necessary for the proper execution of SHPE-RIT Student Chapter business.
  5. Oversee and manage all committees and supervise all affairs of this organization. The President may delegate authority within the bounds of his/her office, with the consent of the Executive Board, to any member of SHPE-RIT Student Chapter in pursuit of the organization's objectives.
  6. Make disbursements as necessary.
  7. Be the primary contact when communicating with corporate representatives.
  8. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the Executive Board.
  9. Be present at all SHPE related conferences.
  10. Perform duties as stated by the RIT’s Student government and SHPE National, i.e. register the organization each semester.
  11. Discuss matters with club advisor at least on a bi-weekly basis.
  12. Oversee all other officers.

Section 2, Vice-President Shall:

  1. Act as an aid to the President.
  2. Get certified for Event Registration (EVR).
  3. Oversee all National and Regional Affairs for the chapter.
  4. Assist President in writing and sending thank you letters to all company supporters throughout the year.
  5. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President or Executive Board.
  6. Reserve room accommodations for general meetings each semester in accordance with university policies.
  7. Order food for all general meetings and/or Executive Board Meetings.
  8. Work with the Center for Campus Life and Student Government’s office to complete all administrative documents i.e. travel Forms, Official Occasion Expense Forms, Reimbursements, Insurance, Medical releases, tax exemptions.
  9. Coordinate the quarterly “3.0 Dinner”.

Section 3, Secretary Shall:

  1. Record the minutes and attendance of any general and Executive Board/Officers meeting or ensure that the minutes are taken in the case that he/she must be absent.
  2. Upload the minutes to online storage after every general meeting.
  3. Oversee the retention of minutes and agendas of the chapter.
  4. Check actions of the Membership and Executive Board against the provisions of the SHPE-RIT Student Chapter Constitution and these by-laws and present any discrepancies to the Executive Board.
  5. Create and maintain a yearly calendar that includes all chapter events.
  6. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President or Executive Board.
  7. Send email reminders of general meetings and upcoming events.

Section 4, Treasurer Shall:

  1. Order all general membership shirts.
  2. Be certified for use of college credit cards.
  3. Have charge and custody of, and be responsible for, all funds of this organization. To this end the Treasurer shall make disbursements and keep written accounts of all transactions.
  4. Be an ex-officio member of such committees formed for the purpose of fund-raising.
  5. Actively seek and apply for university funding for any SHPE event.
  6. Actively seek and implement, with the approval of the Executive Board, all fund raisers for the SHPE-RIT Student Chapter.
  7. Present a monthly budget report to the President and Vice-President if needed.
  8. Present the Executive Board Chair with an accurate and up-to-date account of official membership.
  9. Provide the President with an up-to-date account of all corporate contributions.
  10. Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President or Executive Board.
  11. Send thank you letters to all supporters who provide corporate contribution.

Section 5, Publicist Shall:

  1. Design general membership and Executive Board apparel and present it to the Executive board when called upon.
  2. Be responsible for the design and distribution of all advertising and publicity-related material for SHPE events, activities, collaborations, and promotions. Examples of such materials: flyers, banners, social networks, promotional emails, handbills, etc.
  3. Attend other student organization events and general meetings (if his schedule allows him to do so) and make announcements related to upcoming SHPE general meetings and events.
  4. Be responsible for the retention of current members.


Section 1, Web Master Shall:

  1. Continuously update the chapter website with chapter and major college events
  2. Present any problems with the website to the Executive Board.
  3. Keep chapter aware of any changes to the website.
  4. Keep an updated calendar of events and meeting minutes posted.

Section 2, Freshman Representative Shall:

  1. Shadow all Executive Board members in completing duties and task.
  2. Attend all executive board meetings.
  3. Aid in the retention of first-year members of the organization.

Section 5, Philanthropist Shall:

  1. Provide at least one community service event per quarter.
  2. Actively seek and implement, with the approval of the Executive Board, all Community service events for the SHPE-RIT Student Chapter.
  3. Work with other student organizations in community service projects


The general membership of this organization shall meet at least twice a month and whenever special sessions are called by the President.


The Executive Board shall meet weekly and whenever special sessions are called by the President. Executive Board meetings shall be open to the general membership. Members of the Executive Board should attend all Executive Board meetings. If a member should miss more than two regular meetings of the Executive Board or general meetings without making arrangements with the President, then that member shall be counseled by the President and the advisor of this organization. A fourth such absence shall result in removal from office and replacement according to Art V, Sec 6 in the constitution.