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Sildomar Monteiro is Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Robotics at RIT.

He conducts research in the following areas.
Remote Sensing
: hyperspectral image and signal processing, lidar, radar, data fusion;
: autonomous mobile robots, sensing, perception, learning, mapping;
Machine Learning: probabilistic graphical models, dimensionality reduction, reinforcement learning.

He is most known for his contributions to hyperspectral image processing and robot perception.

If you have a strong degree in engineering, CS, physics, math, or stats, join our team by contacting me. Students can apply to the PhD program in Imaging Sciences or Microsystems Engineering.

What's New

- Richard's paper for the IEEE Transactions of Geoscience and Remote Sensing was accepted for publication, 2013.

- He is a guest editor of the Journal of Field Robotics special issue on "Alternative Sensing Techniques for Robot Perception" with Alonzo (CMU), Michel (LAAS) and Thierry (ACFR), 2013

- Lee's paper was accepted for IEEE Whispers 2013

- Richard's paper has been accepted for the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 2012

- His paper has been selected for cover of the IEEE Transactions of Geoscience and Remote Sensing, August 2012, see pdf.

TGRS cover






- His talk at IJCAI 2011 was posted (2nd half of the video)

- His talk at NIPS 2009 workshop was posted at videolectures.net





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