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Agent Based Modeling of Obesity

FacultyJavier Espinosa

Mike Long
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Childhood obesity has proliferated until it has been identified as an epidemic and a national priority.  The causes of this plight are complicated, interrelated, and with fragmented interests and priorities.  Although many studies exist, they often focus on one, or at most a few, causes and results, and due to complexity issues, these are often treated independently.  Consequently, we are initiating a project using Agent-Based Modeling techniques to examine the total questions of childhood obesity.  Our model will allow children to interact with parents, peers, schools, and food and as it develops, other contributing factors. The initial goals for the modeling exercise are to (1) replicate historical trends and (2) conduct simulations of alternative policy interventions.  It is in the later that we hope to identify and understand emergent behavior and tipping points.  Through these critical factors, we hope to identify policy and behavioral changes that could reverse the increase trends of childhood obesity.