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Welcome to the People site. This site will serve as a guide for uploading content to

Uploading Your Site

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Step 1

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  • If you require more than the default 1G storage space, fill out the ITS account modification form
  • Turn this form into the help desk. They are located in the Frank E. Gannett Building (7B), room 1113, or fax it to 475-7884.
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Step 2

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Transfer your files
  1. Download an SFTP client if you do not already have one. Free SFTP Clients: Fetch (For Macs) and WinSCP (For Windows)
  2. Use the information on the Uploading Files page to transfer files to
  3. Copy files from your computer to the server.
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Step 3

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Set file permissions
  • For security purposes, all files are given 700 file permissions by default when uploaded to the server. To change the default permissions that uploaded files are given see the file permissions guide.
  • Scripts should be 700 (Read, Write, Execute for User Only)
  • All other files and directories should be changed to 755 (Read, Write, Execute for User; Read and Execute for Group and World)
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Step 4

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Fix/update code and check links
  • Check all links on your site to make sure they go to the right page.
  • The file /home//php_data/php.log will automatically be generated if there are any PHP errors generated by the code on your site. You can open this file in a text editor to see what errors occurred and where.
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Step 5

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Add your site to the people directory (optional)