Photo by John Retallack


Anne C. Coon

Writer & Educator


Professor Emeritus

College of Liberal Arts

Rochester Institute of Technology








Cover Photo: Marcia Birken





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Daedalus' Daughter


My father and I both fly at night.

He takes off from a waterbed

moored at the edge of the lake,

while I, a land-locked second-story sleeper,

rise and skim the night air

thirty miles away.


He soars high, agile and air-borne,

-- bursting out of formation --

while I hover below ceilings

rise through doorways 

swim just above the details of the day.


And tho' we've never met

on these nocturnal trips

we each recognized at once

the joy the other recalled:

the muscles in the arms drawing down

as the torso rises aloft, pulling away, coasting

veering with the will of the body.


In these solitary flights, not buoyed

by mite-bitten feathers,

castoffs of a better bird,

but borne up entirely  -- and only --

by the arched frame of imagination

we leave behind the ideograms of our lives

the sculpted rooms, gardens, and roads:

seen from above,

a labyrinth.

From Daedalus’ Daughter

Foothills Publishing, 2004

First published in Phi Kappa Phi Forum






                  Cover Art: Kurt Feuerherm





                                              Cover Art: Kurt Feuerherm




Poetry and other recent work in Grey Sparrow, Nimrod, Provincetown Arts, The Baltimore Review, Redactions, and Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.




Artistic Collaborations


“Eyes and Ears” poetic responses to the photography of Marcia Birken (2012)


“Winter Solstice” limited edition broadside with artwork and printing by Sue Huggins Leopard, Leopard Studio Editions (2009).


“Fragment of a Movement,” “Looking for Us,” “Primitivo,” and “After 29.531 Days” poems by Anne Coon & photographs by John Retallack (2008).


Poems “Gift,” “The Joker,” and “Reclaiming Earth” set to music by Composer Daniel Koontz and performed by Soloist Warren Koontz, Howard Hanson Hall, Rochester, NY. June 2, 2007.


“Arabesque” poetry broadside designed and printed by graphic designer Bob Smith, St. Louis,  MO (2007).


“Charged - after ‘New York - Night’ (1926)” in The Language of Color: Writers Respond to the Paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe, Writers & Books, and the Memorial Art Gallery (Rochester, NY), 2006.


“Now” poetry broadside with artwork by Kurt Feuerherm, RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press (2005).