SPSP 369-03 University Physics IA   Winter 2010.1

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Prof. Anne G. Young     This quarter's class schedule.
Office: Gosnell-3218 (on the 3rd floor "behind the elevator")
Phone: 475-2089
E-mail: agysps at ritdotedu

Workshop Assistant: Scott Neuman

Class hours

Mon, Wed, Thurs 2-4 p.m. Gosnell (08) - 3335
Fri 2-4 p.m. Gosnell (08) - 3365
Tues -- Exam time 6-7 p.m. Gannett (7B) - 4202

Required "Books"

RAWR (research study) info
Monday, 6 Sept, students will receive their first e-mail notification of an available quiz, which will include an informed consent form and demographic survey. Pleasegive a brief mention of the beta test in class so they know to expect the e-mail; everything else should be spelled out on the RAWR website (www.rawr.rit.edu) once they log in with their DCE username and password.

If they have problems, they should contact me directly at svfsps@rit.edu.

PS You should expect a "quiz" between Mon and Wed every week.

Schedule (tentative) --
Topic Chapter(s) in Y&F

Units and Conversions, Estimations, Measurements, Uncertainties, Vectors, Intro to motion

1, 2


Position, Velocity, Acceleration, Graphs of 1-D Motion, LoggerPro Software, Motion Sensors, Vertical Motion of a Ball, Solving 1-D Kinematics Problems

2, 3


Motion in 2-D, Motion on Curves, Uniform Circular Motion, Projectile Motion, Relative Motion


28 Sept 2010
First Hour Test   Ch. 1-3

Forces, Free-Body Diagrams, Newton's Laws



Applying Newton's Laws



Contact Friction, NSL Problems, Universal Law of Gravitation <=> force due to gravity

5, 12.1-2

19 Oct 2010
Second Hour Test   Ch. 4-5, 12.1-2 (chapters tentative)
Work-KE with constant and variable forces (springs, Universal Law of Gravitation) 6, 12.3

PE and Conservation of Mechanical Energy, Conservative Forces, PE vs. position graphs

2 Nov 2010
Third Hour Test   Ch. 6-7 (chapters tentative)
Momentum, Impulse, Collisions, Center of Mass 8
Momentum-Energy problems 8

The final exam will be cumulative and on Wed, 17 Nov 2010, 2:45-4:45 pm, Room TBA.

Other resources

There is a Bates [College of Science] Study Center at the front of the building [Gosnell-1200]. The tutor schedule will be linked above once I know what it is.
You may also contact the Academic Support Center. The Academic Support Center is located in the Eastman Building on the second floor.  Services include Math Lab, Writing Lab, Study Skills, College Restoration Program, Academic Assessment, Learning Support Services, Academic Accommodations, Institute Testing Service, and Tutor Training. 

If you have any special needs, you should inform me during the first week of classes. Please contact me after class or at my office.

Grading Scheme

3 Hour tests


Final Exam


Labs and in-class activity worksheets


Quizzes, Assignments, and Problems 20% total



   Problem Sets / web & paper


Missed Exams (Department Policy on Make-Up Exams)

Make-up exams are provided only in unusual circumstances.  A request for a make-up exam must be submitted in writing to the Head of the Physics Department and copied to your instructor.   All requests must be submitted using the Make-Up Exam Request Form (pdf) available from your instructor.  Submission of the request is in no way a guarantee that it will be approved.  All requests are considered by the Head of Physics on a case-by-case basis.  Whenever possible, you must allow sufficient and reasonable lead time for a considered response to your request.

Problems will be assigned every week [Problem Set Requirements] some on paper to hand in and some on Mastering Physics. Solutions to the paper problem sets (and some of the Mastering Physics problems) will be available after the due date. Do work with others on the problem sets, but turn in your own work. If possible, come ask questions about material you don't understand before you turn in the problem set. Quizzes will be weekly (usually on Friday), and I will try to remember to announce them.

In addition, there will be "assignments". These will be exercises that we work on in class or pre-class conceptual questions that are posted to Mastering Physics. As long as you make a serious effort to answer these questions or to work on these exercises, you will receive full credit (whether your answer is right or wrong).

Lab Make-Up Policy :
Students from all sections may do make-up labs on Friday 12-2 in room Gosnell-3125 (CORRECTED). A Teaching Assistant will be there. Students should bring the worksheet for whatever they missed, as provided by their instructor. The Teaching Assistant will NOT have lab worksheets available. You must ask the TA to sign and date the lab worksheet and include it as part of your submission in order to receive credit for the make-up lab.

At most two labs may be made up and any lab done as a make-up automatically receives a 20% reduction in grade unless the make-up is authorized by the instructor.

No make-up labs will be scheduled after the last day of classes.

You are required to have received credit with a grade of C or better for Calculus A [SMAM-271] and must be enrolled in or have credit for Calculus B [credit or co-registration in SMAM-272 (273 is strongly recommended)] in order to take this course. If you have taken/are taking the Project-Based Calculus sequence [1016-281, 282], you must register for 1017-311 University Physics I.
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