SPSP 312-03/389-04 University Physics II/IIA                        Fall 2009.1

Review Schedule:      Tuesday
      11:30 - 1:30    Gosnell (08)- 1154   Steve
      12:30 - 2:30    Gosnell (08)- 1154   Chris
                       5-7           Gosnell (08)- 3179   Dr. Young  

Final Exam       Wed, 18 Nov 09      2:45-4:45 pm     08-1250
Sample final (pdf)       Info here.

Math/Physics Tutor hours in Bates Study Center / Sol (pdf)

Problem Sets & Quiz Ans/Soln
Daily Summary
Lab list
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Acad Support Math/Physics Tutors: Bates & Sol Schedule
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Prof. Anne G. Young     This quarter's class schedule.
Office: Gosnell-3218
Phone: 475-2089
E-mail: agysps at ritdotedu

Student assistant: ??

Class hours

  Days Time Location
Workshop for 312 M, W, Th noon - 2 p.m. Gosnell (08) - 3179
Workshop for 389 M, W, F 4 - 6 p.m. Gosnell (08) - 3178
  Thursday 4 - 6 p.m. Gosnell (08) - 3305
312/389 Tues exam time 7 - 8 p.m. TBA

Required Materials

Schedule (tentative)
Topic Chapter(s) in Text
Rotation, angular quantities, moment of inertia, parallel-axis theorem, rotational kinetic energy 10 
Cross products, vector torque, angular momentum 11 
Conservation of angular momentum, gyroscopes 11, 12
22 Sept 09 First Hour Test   Ch. 10-11
Moment of inertia integrals, static equilibrium, elasticity 12
Elasticity & Oscillations , resonance 12, 15
Wave equations 16; 33-3,4 
13 Oct 09 Second Hour Test   Ch. 12, 15-16
Sound velocity, Doppler effect  17
Light reflection, refraction 33-8,9; 34  
Waves, Diffraction, interference, phasors 34-7, 8; 35; 36  
3 Nov 09 Third Hour Test   Ch. 17, 33, 34, 35/36
Thin films, polarization 35-7; 33-7,10 
18 Nov 09 Final Exam     Wed 2:45-4:45 pm cumulative

Other resources

There is a College of Science Study Center [Bates Study Center] at the front of the building on the first floor [08-1200]. A schedule of hours for tutors is posted outside the room. The tutoring schedule will also be available at the link in the "table" at the top of the page. You may also contact the Academic Support Center, in the Eastman Building, second floor for extra help. The Office of Special Services can arrange one-on-one tutorial sessions for qualified students.

If you have any special needs, you should inform me during the first week of classes. Please contact me after class or at my office.

Grading Scheme (probably): 

3 Hour tests (10%, 15%, 15%)


Final Exam


Quizzes & Assignments


  Quizzes   5%

  Problem Sets / web


  Problem Sets / paper


  Assignments / class


  Assignments / web


Lab Reports


If you are ill or have an emergency situation and miss class or a test.

Problems will be assigned every week [Problem Set Requirements], some on paper to hand in and some on WebAssign. Solutions to some of the paper problem sets (and some of the WebAssign problems) will be available after the due date. It is critically important to do problems in order to learn the material and do well on the tests. Do work with others on the problem sets, but turn in your own work. If possible, come ask questions about material you don't understand before you turn in the problem set. Quizzes will be approximately weekly [on Thursdays], and I will try to remember to announce them.

In addition, there will be "assignments". These will be exercises that we work on in class or conceptual questions that are posted to WebAssign. As long as you make a serious effort to answer these questions or to work on these exercises, you will receive full credit (whether your answer is right or wrong). Usually, there will be Pre-Class "assignments" due 1 hour before class every Monday and Thursday.

In order to take SPSP 312 Univ Phys II, you are required to have received A/B/C in 1017-311 Univ Phys I or “A” in 1017-369 Univ Phys IA, and to have completed 1016-281, 1016-282 Calculus I and II.

In order to take SPSP 389 Univ Phys IIA, you are required
   • to have received A/B/C in 1017-369 Univ Phys IA, or D/F/W in a previous attempt at 1017-312,
   • to have completed 1016-271, 1016-272 Calculus A and B, and
   • to have completed or be registered in 1016-273 Calculus C.

 If you do not meet these requirements, you will be dropped from the class.

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