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Submission Guidelines for PhotoForum's Thumbnail Galleries

To submit your suggestion of an image that already exists on the Web for consideration for inclusion in this exhibit space dedicated to list member's work simply send the information about the location of the image on the Web to the e-mail address specified below.

If the image is not already available on the Web then send an image file as an attachment to an email addressed to the address listed below. Make sure the image is .jpeg compressed to medium quality and that it is not too large (about 200K max). Try not to exceed 1000 pixels in the longest dimension. Send only ONE image at a time to the adress specified below.

As an addendum to the image please send additional information as per the following template:

Title (if any):
URL of full size image (if it is already on the web):
URL of author site (if any):
e-mail of author:
Additional details about author and/or image:

You can also have a SERIES or collection exhibited as a group of images up to a maximum of 12. Or a group of photographers such as a photography club could have a group show (up to 12 photographs in the show). Contact the Gallery Coordinator to explore this possibility.

Gallery management will review the contributions received and will temporarily store it or them. A thumbnail will be made and linked to the larger version and the author's name. The author's name will be linked to a temporary author's page which will contain a caption (if available) and directions for readers to connect to the author's web site and e-mail address.

Please send only one contribution at a time and wait until your photograph is exhibited before sending another one.

By sending your suggestion for inclusion in this rotating gallery you allow PhotoForum's Gallery to adjust its size and temporarily store it while it is being exhibited.

Send your contributions to andpph@rit.edu making sure to state the word GALLERY in the Subject: line of your mail.


Series will be considered for inclusion in another gallery space, devoted to up to a maximum of 12 images. There is also the possibility to mount an exhibition of up to 12 images by students currently engaged in photo/imaging educational programs worldwide. All we ask is that you make sure the individual images are less than 100K and JPEG compressed or that they either exist on the web already or you send them to the address below as attachments 

Send your suggestion for a series to andpph@rit.edu making sure to say the word GALLERY in the Subject: line of your mail and state your interest in mounting a one person exhibit or one comprised of work by several individuals. The Gallery Manager will contact you to discuss the steps to follow for mounting such an exhibition.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this project send them to Andrew Davidhazy PhotoForum list coordinator and PF Gallery "manager" who will answer as soon as possible.