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The PhotoForum Member's Exhibit Space is a non-juried space dedicated to exhibit subscriber's work on a rotating basis. Subject matter is wide ranging and similar to what one would find in a conventional fine art gallery or exhibit space. This is not a fine art gallery that exhibits only the best of anyone's work but one where experimental work or work-in-progress may also be exhibited. The gallery staff makes unappealable decisions as to what is ultimately accepted for inclusion.
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February 6, 2016
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Emily Ferguson

Screen of phrag at day's end

Randy Little

Wait, you forgot me.

Dan Mitchell


Mark Harris

Body Silhouette with Potato

There is a SERIES collection by Allan Rosen-Ducat - Philadelphia, PA. Nov, 2015 in Gallery-10

This link takes you to them: PhotoForum Gallery-10

He says: I was in philly for the last two weeks. Here is a mix of some street photography and some urban scenics.
I decided to to bump the contract and saturation. I wanted the images to have some edge/impact.

A recent group project is the 2015 Book of Photographs by members of PhotoForum. 27 printed copies purchased to date.

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