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Additional details: A decade or so ago, I perhaps invented a process to put photos on furniture, or more specifically, wooden furniture which held books. I made two such bookcases of about 50x72” and 14” deep. I liked them but my then-partner did not take them when she moved away from my one-legged-ness.
Illustrated is the back of the case with (L t0 R): fields on my former farm, fantasy of x-ray of my right wrist (broken), the former studio office showing printers. Shelf edges also got photos on them, so the total number of images was about 50. If anybody is interested in how, contact me off-list. Like everything interesting or strange, it’s complicated and if you want to do it right, the images have to be printed in reverse, as they will be transferred. Then you need to find a furniture maker like Bradford Woodworking of Reading, PA, who will bear with you as the process unfolds. Great artists steal, and while this is not exactly stolen, it was inspired by the Polaroid process and Bob Rauschenberg’s transfer prints which I watched him make.
I’m sure these could have been done for less, but they were about $4k each.

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