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this is an email based photo-imaging education and professional practice discussion list

January 2015: list operations are nominal. Less than 5 messages per day.

Recent HOT topics on the list include: Teaching photography... in a room, the ‘Atlantic Wall’ of the 1940’s, Calibration, Large print - quality issue, Watermark on photo of a photo,  For the airplane buffs, second monitor gone missing, and more.

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The PhotoForum is an educational network and databank established to serve the photographic and imaging communities in general with a medium for exchange of ideas and with an accessible databank of informational files about a wide variety of photo/imaging subjects.

A major goal of this network is to serve as a communications link for photo educators, and interested others, dedicated to discussion of photography and imaging including aesthetics, processes, history, digital imaging, instructional strategies, criticism, equipment and techniques, especially, but not exclusively, as these apply in an educational setting.

The objective is be an open forum for the free exchange and sharing of information for the benefit of its members. The list is not moderated and it depends on the good will and civility of its members to maintain a friendly and constructive atmosphere.

The list's membership includes photography instructors and students, amateur and professional photographers, as well as members of various photographic associations and educational institutions worldwide. Several professional associations either list WWW links to their organizations or files about them are provided by the PhotoForum list. Additional groups are invited to include their links or files in this forum's database. Contact the list manager for submission details.

Subscribing and Posting to the PhotoForum list

To subscribe to PhotoForum go to the following webpage:


and follow instructions provided there. Your subscription request will be reviewed by the list coordinator and once accepted you will receive a welcome message and confirmation of membership and also be provided with a password that you need to use later if you want to signoff or change your mail delivery options. The password is located towards the bottom of the welcome message and is easy to miss.

Once subscribed you can post messages to the list by sending them to the list's address which is: PhotoForum@lists.rit.edu

Some Services, Files and Databases Available from the PhotoForum

  • PhotoForum's WWW PHOTO LINKS LIST includes web sites of list members, friends, photo societies, manufacturers and many other photo/imaging related sites. Add your site!
  • WORLDWIDE LISTING of PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOLS is a project attempting to provide a listing of schools that offer photographic instruction worldwide. Your are invited to list your school and provide details about its programs.
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) is a popular destination for info on over 250 topics of general and esoteric interest.
  • PHOTOLISTS is a large file of photography and imaging related mailing lists active on the Internet. Subscriptions made easy!.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY'S FUTURE is soliciting member's predictions about what the future will bring to photography with the eventual goal of making all the predictions available as a single, growing, file to pique everyone's curiosity!
  • ARTICLES will get you a file containing access directions and content info about an eclectic file of photo related articles.
  • OUTLINES is a file pointing to several photography course outlines and projects including a course in fashion photography and a pinhole project!
  • ASSOCIATES is a listing of photo/imaging societies whose goals are parallel to those of PhotoForum. We would be pleased to add a short descriptive paragraph and link to your organization. Simply send the information here.
  • TRAVEL TIPS photo pointers for 22 cities/places, including Paris, France, New Orleans, Boston, Africa and Rochester, NY!
  • HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a large directory of individuals interested in the study and/or collecting of images, artifacts & anything of a photographic nature. New members are always welcome!
  • imPLAUSIBLE PHOTO STORIES is a file of short stories by members of the list designed to stretch your imagination and offers and opportunity for you to add your own real or fictional contribution.
  • MEMBERS' PHOTO ARTICLES IN PDF FORMAT is an archive of several photography-related articles contributed by list members for the benefit of everyone. Your contributions are welcome!
  • CORPORATE CONNECTIONS is a listing of corporations who are actively involved in photographic education or who have an interest in promoting photography and imaging in general and photographic education in particular. At this time there are sixteen companies listed. More are welcome to submit a request for a link!.
  • Uncompresed FTP site is an anonymous FTP site that has available many of the list's older information files as well as some of the digests of recent past activity on the list.
  • Compressed FTP archives is a repository of early list postings bundled and Z compressed on a daily basis.
  • Yahoo Groups is an "outside" outfit that archives postings more or less reliably.
  • Rick Ellis also archives postings and this link takes you to his archive.
  • Forums for Everyone is another outfit that has been archiving the list's messages.

PhotoForum Member's Projects and Exhibitions

  • A group project completed in late 2006 was the Book of Photographs by members of PhotoForum. This book showcases the work of about 50 members of the list. 214 copies sold to date. There was another book published in 2010.
  • Pass-the-Camera is a PhotoForum related webpage where the history and current state of a project organized by several list members is detailed in words and photographs. The project (spanning a period of almost two years) revolved around sending P&S cameras from one person to the next with only one shot allowed per person until the film was exhausted . Special thanks to Colette, Bob, Alan, Luis, Karl and Christiane and all the members who labored unselfishly and gave their all to bring the project to exemplary fruition.
  • MEMBER'S MINI GALLERY is an opportunity for list subscribers to exhibit their images on a rotating basis. Constructive critiques of the work on display are encouraged. The Gallery is currently accepting submissions.

Note: If you changed addresses such as by your service provider changing domains or something similar you will either have to figure out how to send mail from THE SAME address you subscribed with or contact the list's coordinator (andpph@rit.edu) for assistance. If your address changed you may also be denied posting privileges.

If you need help or have any questions about the list send a message to the PhotoForum listowner for prompt assistance.

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