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Remove the 4 screws that hold the rear ring to the front part of the lens body. Note that three screws are black and the 4th is silver. This allows you to remove the rearmost ring and the lens will look like the figure on upper right.

Now remove the next ring. CAUTION - CAUTION This ring contains, within a small depression and covered by graphite lubricant, a small cylindrical bearing behind which there is a small spring. During the process of removing the aperture setting ring it is quite possible to forget that these things are on the bottom side of the ring and upon lifting of the ring they may fall and be lost forever. That would not be good as you'd lose the ability to set apertures by click stops.

This ring also has a small latch attached to it. Make sure not to bend it or rip it off. It allows the ring to reach its limits at f/2 and /32 but not exceed them. When replacing this ring later this latch need to be pushed into itŐs place otherwise the ring can not be turned freely.