My CV (pdf file)

   I am a Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I hold a Ph.D. (2004) and M.Sc. (2000) degrees, both in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the University of Maryland. My advisor troughout graduate school was Nariman Farvardin. At the University of Maryland, I was also a postdoctoral researcher in the Signals and Information Group under the supervision of Dr. K. J. Ray Liu. I earned my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires" (ITBA) in December 1992. I am also a Senior Member of the IEEE.

   Other work experiences include working for Texas Instruments Inc. in the area of wireless infrastructure (WiMAX and LTE standards) and, back in my native Argentina, I worked for Lucent Technologies and AT&T as a Senior Instructor in telecommunications equipments (fiber optics and PBXs). My first work experience was as a developer of software for the NEC NEAX 61XS public rural area digital telephone switch.

   As a researcher, Iím interested in the broad areas of Signal Processing and Communications/Networking. I have worked in many problems and topics that are at the intersection of these two areas, such as multimedia wireless communications, cross layer designs (especially joint source-channel coding and resource allocation), cognitive radios and networks, smart infrastructures (with an emphasis in integrating renewable sources of energy), multiple access to wireless networks, user cooperative communications, and speech and video processing for wireless communications. You can find a list of my publications (unfortunately too frequently out of date) in my Research page. Also, I have channelized my interest for DSP research and teaching into the creation of The Digital Signal Processing Blog

   I am a strong supporter of my technical community through voluntarism. I am serving, or have served, in the following:

  • Editor (2016-Present): IEEE Wireless Communications Letters.

  • Area Editor: IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, Columns and Forums (2012-2014) and Outreach and Social Media (2015-present).

  • Chair (2014-Present) - IEEE Signal Processing Society Online Content and Social Media Ad Hoc Committee.

  • Editor (2011-2016): IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications.

  • Associate Editor (2008-2011): IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, "InTheSpotlight" column.

  • Guest Editor: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, special issue on Signal Processing in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Systems (published January 2011).

  • Chair (2010-2012) - IEEE Multimedia Communications Technical Committee, Interest Group on Distributed and Sensor Networks for Mobile Media Computing and Applications.

  • Conference Organizing Committee Member:
    • 2010 IEEE GLOBECOM - Workshops Co-Chair (Distinguished Service Award) and Publicity Co-Chair.

    • 2011 IEEE ICCCN - Tutorials Co-Chair.

    • 2012 IEEE ICCCN - Publicity Co-Chair.

    • 2012 ICNC - Invited Papers Co-Chair.

    • 2013 IEEE ICME - Industrial/Short Papers Co-Chair.

    • 2017 IEEE ICIP - Social Media Chair.

Finally, looking a lot farther back in time, my academic genealogy tree.

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