Screenshot of NYC Taxi Routes

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New York City Taxi Route Viewer

Project for Data Visualization


Find a rich source of data then create a narrative around it that is intriguing to the viewer


Created by a group of 2, the NYC Taxi Viewer project focuses on daily taxi route data for the NYC area. Each day is encompasses atleast 300,000 data entries along with their respective categories. For the project, a custom API was created and hosted on the server to help contain all the data that is used to. I worked on the front end of the project, utilizing the Google API and JavaScript to plot pick up and drop off locations and draw the "as the crow flies" path for each route. In addition, formatting it to be easily incorporated into the custom API and server.

Screenshot of Canvas Experience Project

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Koi Pond

Project for Rich Media Web App Development I


Create a significant HTML5 Media Experience or Digital Game that is aesthetically pleasing and interactive.


Using HTML5 canvas I worked with a partner to create a web experience. We made this with relaxation in mind; users can sit back, watch and listen. Clicking on the pond will also cause ripples and fish near by to turn around. There are varying properties the user can experiment with to alter the experience.

Screenshot of Snowballin Unity3D Game

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Project for Casual Game Development


Create a game that would fit the casual genre/category of gaming.


Created by a group of 3, Snowballin' is a game where you take control of a snowball and your task is to collect as many goodies to prevent yourself from melting. I was responsible for managing the snowball's movement and item pick up mechanism. We tried to get the gameplay, specifically the pick up mechanism, to be very similar to the Katamari game.