Asteroids game

An extension of a project made for a class that explores movement physics of vehicles. I expanded this project into a playable game, in which the player must match up colored bullets with colored asteroids. Made in Unity2D.

Ventriloquest game, enemy and main character

A project I made as part of RIT's Imagine-Cup centric Gamejam. Still in its early stages, but I hope to take this project a lot farther in the coming months. It's a 2D platformer that will involve a lot of story, some action, and some puzzles. Made in Unity2D.

Musical Staff with Treble Cleff

A prototype for a program where users can recreate sheet music into a more fun game form. Notes would appear on the screen with encroaching circles to display when they should be played. Made in C++ with directx.

Characters running through a forest setting

Final project for a class I took on Interactive Media Development that features a few different types of steering behaviors for autonomous agents. I used free assets from the unity store to demonstrate these concepts. Path following, leader following, and flocking can be seen in the project.

Picture of a sakura tree and a red sun

Project for a Rich Media Web App Development in which I used the Canvas API to draw every element manually with line, circle, and arc draw functions. The scene changes with the music playing and also has some controls to interact with it. Made using Javascript, html and css. (Link leaves portfolio)

Picture of a 3d model of McCree's revolver from popular online FPS game Overwatch'

Above is a picture of a 3D model I made of McCree's revolver, the peacekeeper, from Overwatch. Click to view a couple other models in a 3D display.