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The Oldest Mother on the Block
(video includes sound)

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Immerse yourself in the world of the honeybee in BeeEye, a video installation by Cat Ashworth. Enter the hexagon shaped structure and be surrounded by the sights and the sounds of the honeybee. BeeEye explores the human/honeybee connection in an abstract, symbolic, and spiritual experience for the viewer.

The experience of BeeEyeis pure magic, as the viewer stands in the center of a six-sided video projection, listening to the hum of bees blended with a music composition by Eastman School of Music Professor Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez. As the images unfold, the visual message is about observing and connecting with the honeybee, and understanding the precarious position this tiny insect has in our ecosystem.

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BeeEye at Gallery R

About Cat Ashworth

Producer/Director/Editor Cat Ashworth has been creating video artworks, documentaries, and educational programs for over twenty-five years. Always looking for innovative ways to communicate visually, her early work combined video art, performance art, and Archive, often with a first person point of view.

In 1999 she directed the documentary House of Peace. House of Peace has been shown extensively, it was selected to be in the 1999 American Indian Film Festival and the 2000 Smithsonian Native American Film Festival.

Cat Ashworth is a tenured professor in the School of Film and Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. The Oldest Mother on the Block is her
first feature length documentary and is available on DVD.

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