The 1980s were a very prolific time for me as an artist. I discovered video art and explored many ways to combine video with performance art, dance, and installation art. The photographic image has always been important to me. In the 1970s I worked with images on fabric, twisted and shaped into sculptural forms. I also worked with a group of artists in Arizona. We called ourselves the Phoenix Boat People and did performance art. This experience made me love working with other artists in collaborative projects.

Re :In Car Nation (1987)

Re :In Car Nation,1987, featured 2 monitors covered in dirt and leaves, shaped like a burial mound. The video images were collected on a cross-country trip from Rochester, NY to Seattle, Washington. The right monitor had the images in negative, the left monitor played them in positive. Music by Jim DeNault. 18 min. loop. Exhibited at the Pyramid Art Center, Rochester, NY.

Taking Stock (1988)

Taking Stock, 1988 was displayed as projected video with live performance art by Cat Ashworth. The performance was simple gestures performed with the projected video images and sound. It was performed at Hallwalls in Buffalo, NY and Mobius Performance Center, Boston, NY, as well as many other venues.

  10 Years 10 Minutes Performance - Cat Ashworth10 Years 10 Minutes Performance - Cat Ashworth Taking Stock 1988 Performance - Cat Ashworth

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