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Best Documentary - Ohio Independent Film Festivalofficial Selection - Ohio Independent Film Festival
The Oldest Mother on the Block

Everyone over the age of twelve knows how a baby is made. But for the fastest growing age group of women having babies, the magical process of sperm meeting egg takes place in a Petri dish. Many women over age forty soon realize that their own eggs have expired. These women decide to use eggs donated from a younger woman.

The Oldest Mother on the Block is an hour long film that follows three older women, as they struggle to achieve a pregnancy and later, as they cope with the unique problems of being an older mom. These women are all pushing the limits of their biological clocks; they are struggling with pregnancy and small children at an age when many of their peers are becoming grandmothers, and they are redefining the image of motherhood.

"The Oldest Mother On the Block is a “must see” film for anyone thinking about starting a family. As a 34-year old woman, it gave me a candid look into the scientific world of assisted reproduction and made it a human story. Cat Ashworth approaches her subjects with honesty and compassion."

- Sarah O'Brien, Graduate Student

"The Oldest Mother on the Block honestly examines the complex tangle of emotions that late motherhood raises. From fertility problems and IVF to fears about the future and the exhaustion of chasing a toddler around, Ashworth offers an intimate, thoughtful look at a big topic."

- Jennifer Loviglio,
freelance writer

"It is almost impossible to place Oldest Mother on the Block into any one category: it is a social film; a medical film; a woman’s film; a historical film; but most importantly, it is a human film. As an African-American male, OMOB opened a window to a growing population that I had never thought about before. It was simply astounding."

- Omobowale Ayorinde, Instructor, Rochester Institute of Technology

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