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This is a 3-D simulation of the video installation.

The honeybee reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life. The intricate cellular hexagon-shaped structure that the honeybee makes in the hive, reminds us that all things in life have a pattern.

I became interested in the honeybee in 2006, when Colony Collapse Disorder was killing off hives all over the world. First I became a beekeeper; then I started filming bees and other beekeepers. I began to make a traditional documentary film, but as I was editing the material, I was fascinated in just watching the abstract flight patterns the bees made. I decided to take the project in a different direction, and create an artwork that was more abstract and experiential.

The idea of creating a video installation, shaped like a hexagon, with video projected on all six sides, captured my imagination. I utilized rear screen projection so that the images could be seen on both sides of the screens. The viewer can walk around the hexagon or enter the center and be surrounded by the sights and sounds.

Honeybees speak in a language different from humans. Much of the practice of beekeeping relies on the power of observation. I tried to keep talking at a minimum in this project, so that the audience can begin to glimpse a life form that is very different from humans. Although humans and honeybees have had a relationship for thousands of years, the honeybee remains wild, and many of her secrets remain hidden.

Visitor Comments

"It's like a documentary, with no boring talk, cool!"
- 14 year old boy
"I had the privilege and pleasure of seeing your exhibit. I have never seen anything like it before. You created an experience of being in a spring apple orchard in full bloom. It was an amazing experience."
- An older beekeeper

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Coming Soon...

BeeSong, the short film version, to be released in Fall 2013. Stay tuned!

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