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Game Design & Development | Web Development | UX Devlopment
Hello. I code. I'm currently a student at RIT.
Here's my Résumé.
Javascript JQuery python C#
Photoshop After Effects Visual Studio Processing IntelliJ
GIMP Unity Monogame Notepad++ PyCharm
Monogame project
This class project revolved around the use of the program Monogame with Microsoft Visual Studio to code a functioning game using the C# language.

Out of a team of four, I worked on the code for the player movement and gravity switching, some of the smaller animations, the simple AI for the enemies, and part of our collision code.
Unity project
A simple scene made in Unity to practice Terrain sculpting and painting, texturing, parenting, and scripting.

Asteroids project
A clone of asteroids made in Processing.

A lot of effort was put into breaking up the project into classes to make coding a simpler task.

The game focused on vector based velocity movement and Circular collision detection.
Visualiser project
This audio visualiser was created entirely from javascript using the Audio API and Canvas Pixel Manipulation.

The canvas creates a waveform based on the sound data as well as plays a video in the background.

The user is able to manipulate audio nodes and pixel data using the interface to create various effects.