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Welcome! I am a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My research usually focuses on the victim-offender overlap, but I also publish studies on delinquency from time to time. To learn more about some of my completed projects, click the “research” link or here to view my cv. If you’re interested in the citation activity for my articles then please take a look at my profile on Google Scholar.

I am presently editing an encyclopedia on juvenile justice and delinquency for Wiley-Blackwell. I am Past Editor of two scholarly journals, the Journal of Criminal Justice Education (2008-11) and the Journal of Crime and Justice (2003-06), and a present member of the editorial board for Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice (2011- ).

I earned my BA at the University of Florida (1994, in Criminal Justice), an MA at the University of Arizona (1997, in Sociology), and my Ph.D. at the Pennsylvania State University (2000, in Crime, Law, and Justice). 

Students interested in a letter of recommendation are urged to consult the “teaching” page. Click the “links” tab if you want way too much information about the things that interest me.


Dr Christopher J. Schreck

Department of Criminal Justice

Rochester Institute of Technology

1 Lomb Memorial Drive

Rochester, NY 14623

Phone: 585-475-2462

FAX: 585-475-6749


You can reach me at:

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