Hello, World

An introduction to the world of coding for games

About Our Game

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Hello, World is an open source game focused on teaching some basics of object oriented code.

In a cold and desolate factory, you play as a cute little robot, distraught from all the programming bugs that are messing up your system! With no one around to help, you are on your own to save yourself as you access your console and fix the code.

Our little robot has a console that includes up to 3 sections for the player to insert their own code. The player will solve puzzles involving movement, simple collision detection, and jumping physics. Each problem comes with instructions and hints to help guide the player. When the player submits their code, it gets checked to see if it is the correct solution. If it is, the code gets implemented in the game!


You can download Hello, World for free by clicking the link below. After downloading the zip file from GitHub, extract the files. Then click on the folders in the following order: HelloWorldWH > bin > DesktopGL > x86 > Debug. There will be an application with a purple heart icon. That's the game. Click on that and enjoy!

Download Game

How It Was Made

It started with a passion for making games, a hackathon, and the aspiration to expose more girls to code. We hope that our game can inspire young girls to look more into the wonderful world of coding!

This cross-platform game was created in Visual Studio with MonoGame using C# and OpenGL. This website is powered by Bootstrap and caffeine! All art assets were created in Paint Tool SAI and edited in Adobe Photoshop.

player sprite

Meet the Team:

  • Alexia "Code Overwriter" Bernardo: UI Designer/Technical Writer
  • Anna "Why Did I Do That" Rosenberg: Creative Director/Programmer
  • Catherine "Google Docs!" Nemechek: Lead Web Developer/Programmer
  • Juho "Adoptive Robot Mama" Choi: Lead Artist/Playtester
  • Katarina "Can You Handle This Exception" Weis: Lead Programmer/Our Coding Savior