Carl Lutzer: Some Personal Interests

Ryan Larcom (left) and Carl Lutzer (right)

  • When I get the chance to unwind, I enjoy soccer, disk golf, and fencing. I began fencing in my sophomore year at Michigan State University. I earned a varsity letter in my third season and later served as the sabre instructor for the club at the University of Kentucky. I am now the faculty advisor for the RIT Fencing Club and teach a couple of fencing classes for RIT each year.

    Fencing is a sport for a lifetime. Young and old, male and female can all compete together because fencing is not about strength or size. Fencers rely on strategy, timing, distance and a clean execution of technique. The sport has commonly been compared to chess, but at 90 miles per hour. When it's done well, fencing is a beautiful, exciting mixture of cunning and grace which can raise your spirits as well as your heart rate! Besides that, there's nothing quite like being chased by someone with a sword!

  • Many people whom I know love to read. A good book can carry them away, into far off lands and fantastic tales. I find that same exhilaration in writing. I have a science fiction novel in the works and, sometime soon, I hope to find a literary agent to help me publish.

  • I also like to write music, though I've not done it in a while. In general, I enjoy creating and connecting with others through that creation. That's probably one of the principal reasons I so love teaching.

Last update: July, 2010