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David B. Suits
Department of Philosophy
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester NY 14623

Some older published essays, for your reading pleasure. (Or maybe not.)

  • “Out of the Chinese Room”, a very short dialogue in the philosophy of mind, slightly modified from its original as published in The Computers and Philosophy Newsletter, issue 4:1 + 4:2 (July 1989): 1–7.
    HTML version
    PDF version
  • “On Hobbes’s Argument for Government”, Reason Papers 4 (1978): 1–16. Off-site link to PDF file
  • “Some Considerations about the Discovery of Principles of Justice”, Eidos 1 (July, 1978): 50–67. PDF file (transcription)
  • “The Question of Political Action”, Option 4 (1977): 21–22, 29–30. PDF file (transcription)

Some unpublished essays, for your reading pleasure. (Or maybe not.)

  • “Experimenting with Hopfield Nets” This fully-connected, single layer network demonstrates some interesting features of artificial neural networks: pattern recognition, pattern completion, and graceful degradation under damage. (PDF file, approx. 457 KB.)
  • “Playing With Mazes.” A six-part essay on the creation, solving and fiddling around with mazes.
    1. What is a Maze? (PDF file, approx. 118 KB.)
    2. Maze Construction The Spanning Tree Algorithm; Anderson’s Algorithm; Manipulating a Connection Matrix. (PDF file, approx. 622 KB.)
    3. Solving Mazes Random Walk; The Left- (or Right-) Hand Walk; Least Recently Used Walk; Breadth-First Search; Tremaux’s Algorithm; The Cheese Algorithm. (PDF file, approx. 538 KB.)
    4. More on Connection Matrices Constructing Md, the Minimum Distance Matrix; Constructing Ms, the Solution Matrix; Cautions. (PDF file, approx. 267 KB.)
    5. A Neural Net Maze Solver A very, very rough sketch. (PDF file, approx. 109 KB.)
    6. Maze Games Blind Mazes; Wrap-Around Mazes; One-Way Doors; Interpreted Mazes; Bibliography. (PDF file, approx. 178 KB.)

Some cartoon riddles, for your puzzling pleasure. (Or maybe not.)