My name is Daniel Timko and I'm a Game Design and Development major at RIT. I spend nearly all of my time creating games, coding, playing games others have made, and crafting websites. I'm passionate about coding, intrigued by hard problems, and always willing to learn something new. On this site, you can find examples of work I have done at various points in my career. Currently, I am entering my second year of college. I'm also in the planning stages for a full-scale game that I will be working on over the next year and it is making me feel very excited about the future. Feel free to look around!
I do web design and have created many industry-grade websites. I'm fully versed in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I have a passion for front-end web development.
I hope to find a career in games. I'm constantly at work building games or systems to create them. GameMaker (GML), Unity (C#), and Photoshop are my tools of choice.
Software that solves problems is the foundation of all games. Game Dev students need to be stellar back-end developers. I know Java, C#, SQL, PHP, and am working on C++.
As I continue to design games, my skills in player experience and UX keep expanding. Games can't be good without good design, so I continually strive to improve my design abilities.