Scumbag Galaxy
Scumbag Galaxy is a two-player turn-based strategy game with a focus on unit diversity and teleportation. Set in a grungy and dark sci-fi universe, the mysterious assassins and scumbags you control fill our game world. It’s as if you walked into the Star Wars cantina, picked out the meanest, gnarliest-looking bounty hunters around, and then sent them to fight each other to the death in space. There are 12 classes falling into 4 archetypes all providing unique gameplay additions. Each class has a default attack skill, 2 activate-able abilities, and 2 passives. Each is unique, with different stat combinations, movement speeds, and cross-turn buffing capabilities. But it gets better. Unique to Scumbag Galaxy, our unit design revolves around teleportation. Teleporters can move units around the board with stunning dexterity, giving gameplay a much faster feel than is found in traditional turn-based games.

The game utilizes the MonoGame C# engine (mainly used for Xbox 360 development) and was created over a period of 6 months by myself and 3 friends for our game development class. An ambitious project to be sure, this game surpassed everyone’s expectations in terms of complexity and sheer scope. It was my job to design and program a fluid, dynamic user interface for the game. Due to the limitations of MonoGame (it is designed for a controller), I had to implement an entirely custom UI engine to support mouse events, viewports, window layering, and much more. This game was a hugely difficult challenge. Garrison Davis, Michael Campito, Savannah Bentzen, and myself all put in countless late nights, pulled through, and made something all of us are proud of.
The game starts each team on an opposite end of the map. The objective is to kill every unit on the opposing team. On a player's turn, they can use two action points per unit. Each unit has 2 action points. These can be spent on moving once and using an ability, or using two abilities while staying in the same position. An action point is used up by skills, attacking, teleporting, healing, or moving. The entire game can be controlled with a mouse. To pan around, use right-click and drag. To zoom in and out, use the mouse wheel. Hovering over an ability will allow you to read more about it. A more in-depth game manual can be found here.