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Basic Gameplay

  • Click the grid to earn points.
  • Scroll around the grid using the arrow keys, WASD, or the arrow buttons below the game window.
  • Use the 'Delete Something' button in order to delete items from the grid space.
  • You will get the same number of points no matter if your FPS is 1 or 100! The game scales and takes into consideration the speed it is running.
  • Roll over the "Buy Shapes" tab to the right side of the game to purchase shapes.
  • The number of each shape you own is displayed in the lower-right of the game window.
  • The game saves automatically every 10 seconds, or when you purchase and place a shape!
  • The game loads automatically, so you don't have to.
  • Want to start over? Hit the "New Game" button located below the FPS information.
  • If the game looks cut off, it is because your window is too small. The game has a minimum size of 860x620 in order to function properly. If you are having issues, try resizing your browser window.

De-lag Features

All features listed have some effect on how efficient the game runs.

  • The 'Toggle Point Display' button will toggle the little '+1' points on the grid (you will still earn the same number of points).
  • The 'Target FPS' input box allows you to enter a new target FPS, or use the scrollwheel to pick a value.
  • The 'Actual FPS' is calculated by the game, attempting to be as close to the target as possible, and is used in all score increase calculations (so no matter if you have 1 FPS or 100 FPS, the math still gives you points at a fixed rate)
  • Note that the 'Lag Status' is simply determined by what my computer gets, and the normal difference in target FPS and actual FPS when the target is 30. The lag status doesn't matter, and is only in the beta as a debug feature. Pump up the FPS to whatever gets you the best experience, it will not effect the scoring.
  • Lower FPS values make the game look worse, but also conserve battery power. If you are low on juice, consider dropping the FPS.

Shape Descriptions!

  • Once you have enough points, you can buy a Point
    • Points are placed with a simple click on the grid
    • Points will simulate a second click for every one of your clicks
  • Once you have enough points, you can buy a Line
    • Lines will give you 2 points every second
    • To place a line, click on one grid square, and then click another
  • Once you have enough points, you can buy a Shape
    • Shapes will give you 2n^2 points per second where n=number of sides (Triangles give 18) per second
    • To place a shape, click anywhere on the grid
    • To increse the number of sides a shape has, buy a second shape, and click the center point of your shape
    • In the beginning, increasing the number of sides on your shapes will slow you down, but once you buy more sides, purchasing extra sides will become more profitable with time
  • Once you have enough points, you can buy a Circle
    • Circles will give you 60 points per second
    • Circles can be placed by clicking the grid
  • Once you have enough points, you can buy a Custom Shape
    • Custom Shapes give you 3n^3 points per second (A lot of points) where n=number of sides
    • To place a custom shape, click a spot on the grid to begin. Then, click another spot to place a point, then another spot, etc. If you click the first point you placed on your shape, the shape will complete itself. The shape will also auto-complete if you click but don't have enough money to purchase another side.
    • Custom Shapes come with 3 free sides, and any extra side after that will cost you more. How much sides cost increases exponentially
    • Custom Shapes are expensive up front, but they give you points much faster than any other purchasable item
    • To get tons of points quickly, try saving up and making a very big custom shape

Update Log!

  • Shape Clicker Beta 1.2.0 :: March 21st, 2014
    • Session data saves score - finished 3/20/2014
    • Session data saves shape layout & stats - finished 3/21/2014
    • Periodically save the game - finished 3/21/2014
    • Load game on page load - finished 3/21/2014
    • "New Game" button - finished 3/21/2014
    • Fixed the freeze on save issue - finished 3/26/2014

  • Shape Clicker Beta 1.1.0 :: March 18th, 2014
    The UI Update!
    • Design schematics - finished 3/6/2014
    • Color palette finalized - finished 3/13/2014
    • Score tab on bottom pannel - finished 3/13/2014
    • Controls tab on bottom pannel - finished 3/13/2014
    • FPS Info tab on bottom pannel - finished 3/13/2014
    • Objects Owned tab on bottom pannel - finished 3/13/2014
    • Variable font size for Score, 'Delete Something', and 'Toggle Point Display' based on window size - finished 3/17/2014
    • Store Pannel with animations - finished 3/17/2014
    • Variable grid size (scales to window) - finished 3/17/2014
    • Dropdown Help Menu - finished 3/18/2014
    • Update Log - finished 3/18/2014
    • Minimum game window size to avoid clipping issues - finished 3/18/2014

  • Shape Clicker Beta 1.0.0 :: March 1st, 2014
    • "Delete Something" button - finished 2/7/2014
    • Implemented the 'Point' shape type - finished 2/8/2014
    • Resizing canvas on window load/window resize - finished 2/15/2014
    • Implemented the 'Custom Shape' shape type - finished 2/16/2014
    • "Toggle Point Display" button - finished 2/17/2014
    • DisplayPoint particle recycling, for a max of 100 particles (severe reduction to lag) - finished 2/19/2014
    • FPS spinner for target FPS - finished 2/19/2014
    • Actual FPS and lag meter - finished 2/19/2014
    • Set the game to use the variable actual FPS when calculating score - finished 2/20/2014
    • Redid score math to be more balanced - finished 2/20/2014
    • Score Per Second calculator/display added - finished 2/20/2014
    • Number of items owned display - finished 2/20/2014
    • Page title tag now displays current score - finished 2/24/2014
    • Display of how much next point on a custom shape costs - finished 2/25/2014
    • Implemented the 'Circle' shape type - finished 2/28/2014