This webpage was designed by Duane Palyka of Pal Katoonz. It reflects how much fun Duane and Heide had with their nieces and nephews when they visited them in Northern California during the winter of 2009.






A visit to the woods can be an uplifting experience!

Jun-Jun Drinks

Funny Stuff!!!

Visit with Christine, Regina, Sergio & their Cousins!
4 Perezes
Excited Jin-Jin

"Hand Clap" shows eight hand-clapping games:

1. Slide, 2. Lemonade, 3. Mailman, 4. Handshake
5. Down Down Baby, 6. Bubblegum, 7. Playground
8. Hotdog

Actually, they spend so much time on "Slide", that you wonder if they'll ever get to the other seven.

Jun-Jun Eats
Sergio (Jun-Jun)
Obama Dancing Queens
Christine and Regina (Jin-Jin)
Carlos, Jessica, Pepito and Teresa
Carlos vs "The Machine"
Hand Clap
Sergio has more on his plate than he can handle!

You HAVE to see Carlos wrestling with "The Machine"!!!

Too funny!!!

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