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Testing that this still works!

Heyy! So I just finished the styling for this site and I finally can actually test that it works. I will probably not get to adding extra features eventually, but for now this is pretty much it. It works pretty darn well if I do say so myself, but I had to hack the heck out of wikepage in order to accomplish this. Some of the changes I made are:

  • adjusting the way wikepage lists blog entries
  • removing some support for new lines in order to fix styling issues
  • creating a new blog post button
  • changing the box text thinger to a gallery box thinger in order to create gallery image support

Yay! So i'll mess with some other things and create a poll eventually, but I won't finish anything else before the project is due...

Comment from Daniel:

So I thought I would start the comments by saying how proud I am of your achievement, Daniel. You are clearly one of the best people in the universe. Blah blah blah, and more flattery. Comments are rough, abuse-able, but present.

Comment from Freddy:

This is just another test comment really.