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fall semester 2014 (2141)

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Dan Bogaard
primary e-mail: Dan.Bogaard@rit.edu
office phone: 475-5231
office location: 70-2111
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Dan's office hours this quarter are: Mon/Wed 12-2

Section 140.03: Class meets Tues/Thurs, from 9:30-10:45, in 70-2620

Description &
Course Description

This class provides an introduction to key Internet, web, and multimedia technologies, as well as familiarity with the Macintosh computer platform. Topics covered include computer-mediated communication, basic Internet applications such as telnet, FTP, and the WWW, basic digital image techniques, and web page development and publishing.

  • Ability to use a web browser
  • Ability to use a text editor/word processing software
  • none
  • HTML and CSS
  • Validation
  • Web History
  • Basic HTTP
  • Image Creation/Manipulation
  • XML
  • Search and metadata
  • Copyright and IP
  • Logical and physical design
  • SSI
  • Design Basics
  • User Experience and usability
  • Mobile specific issues
  • Using JavaScript
Texts &

The following texts are available at the bookstore, or via online booksellers such as amazon.com and bn.com. Note that all of the texts are optional. They make a good supplement to the online readings provided in this syllabus.

  • Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5, 6th edition
    by Felke-Morris
    ISBN-13: 978-0132783392
  • Bulletproof Web Design
    by Dan Cederholm
    ISBN-13: 978-0321808356
Grading &
Your final grade will be based on the work you submit, your demonstration of knowledge on exams, and your participation in the course, as outlined below. Note that so-called "extra credit" is not offered. 
Component Value
Project Stage 1 15%
Project Stage 2 15%
Project Stage 3 15%
Attendance, Participation, etc. 15%
Midterm Exam 10%
Midterm Practical 10%
Final Exam 10%
Final Practical 10% + Pass/Fail*

For each of the assignments listed above, a grading rubric will be provided. This rubric will inform you how your work will be evaluated.

*IMPORTANT: If you fail the final practical you fail the entire course regardless of your other grades. Students who fail the final practical will be given one opportunity to take a make-up practical in order to pass the course.

Last Day to Drop the Class: Drop/Add is the first 6 class days of the semester. After that date, you must withdraw from the course, which will show on your transcript as a W.

Last Day to Withdraw: The deadline for withdrawing from a course with a W grade is the end of the 11th week of the semester. After that date, a grade will be assigned based on the work that you have submitted.

"Incomplete" Grades: You may request an incomplete, or "I" grade, only in cases where exceptional conditions beyond your control, such as accidents, severe illness, family problems, etc., have kept you from completing the course. You must alert us to these circumstances as soon as possible--telling your instructor in Feburary that you were sick in January is not acceptable. If your request for an incomplete is granted, you must complete the work for the course within the time limits set by the instructor. The maximum time is two (2) academic terms. Unfinished "I" grades automatically become "F".

Incomplete grades are not given to students who have simply fallen behind in their work.

It is strongly recommended that you to keep multiple electronic copies of your coursework. Minimally, you should always have two copies of your work (perhaps a flash drive and an accessible on-line file).

Saving/Back-up Copies

You must bring a storage device to every class. Alternatively, you may use the “My Locker” storage area supported by myCourses. It is strongly recommended that you purchase multiple storage devices and that you perform a full backup of your work to multiple locations/devices on a daily basis. Be sure you write your name clearly on any storage device so it can be returned to you in the event you leave it in the lab or classroom.

It would be better to have three copies. If you have all of your work on a single flash drive and you lose it, you lose all your work from the semester.

The loss of your work because you did not keep multiple backups is not an acceptable excuse for turning your work in late nor will you receive any extensions or special accommodations if you lose your work!


It is important that you understand what consitutes academic dishonesty, and what the penalty associated with it is. Read this policy carefully. Please note, in particular, the definitions of cheating and collusion. There is a fine line between asking for a classmate's help in solving a technical problem, and using their work as your own. Don't cross it. Similarly, while it's fine to get ideas from web sites, you must credit your source. If you violate the academic dishonesty policy, you will fail the course. It's just not worth it.


The project will be discussed in class, and the 3 stages linked from here. Due dates and rubrics are included in the assignment pages.

Individual Assignments:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
Class meets twice per week for 75 minutes. I begin class on time so that students who finish early may leave early.

Links to lecture slides, ICEs, etc. will be added as the term progresses. Schedule subject to change, so please check often.

Week 1
  • Course overview
  • Mac 101
  • History of Internet and Pioneers
  • History and future of HTML
Week 2
  • Markup I: Semantic and structural
  • Metadata and XML
  • FTP and SFTP
Week 3
  • Markup II: More semantics and structure
  • Validation
Week 4
  • CRAP
  • Online Research
Week 5
  • Markup III: Presentation
    (CSS stuff, presentational vs. semantic markup)
  • Markup IV (more CSS)
Week 6
  • Unix
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
Week 7
  • Design
  • User Experience and Usability
Week 8 Midterm Exam Midterm & Practical
Week 9
  • Tables
  • CSS Positioning
Week 10
  • CSS Wrap-up & other presentation issues
  • Digital Images
Week 11
  • More Images: Photoshop!
Week 12
  • More Photoshop
  • SSI -> PHP
Week 13
  • Print CSS
  • Mobile CSS
  • CSS for Accessibility
  • Media Queries
Week 14
  • Javascript and the DOM
Week 15
  • Final Exam
  • Final Practical
Finals Week
  • Makeup Practical
Online Readings and Tools
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