interactive digital media (4002-330)
fall quarter 2003 (031)

information technology department
rochester institute of technology

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Dan Bogaard
primary e-mail:
office phone: 475-5231
office location: 70b-2571

Section 02: Class meets Mon/Wed, from 10-11:50pm, in 70-2410
Section 03: Class meets Mon/Wed, from 12-1:50pm, in 70-2410

My office hours this quarter are Wednesday 2-4 & Thursday 4-6 in my office

Description &

This course is designed to provide you with the skills and underlying conceptual knowledge to develop highly interactive documents that make use of the full range of time-based and traditional digital media types. You will build on your understanding of basic media types to develop interactive user interfaces to video, audio, graphics, animation, and text.

The prerequisites for this class are 4002-218 and 4002-320.

  • Programmatic control and synchronization of rich media
  • Director basics
  • Navigation & interactivity design
  • User & system events
  • Lingo syntax and language basics
  • Handlers and parameters
  • Text, strings, and chunking
  • Object oriented program design
  • Digital audio & video concepts
  • Animation (Flash)
Texts &

The following required text is available at the bookstore, or via online booksellers such as and

Using Macromedia Director MX (Rosenzweig)
Que, ISBN: 0789729032

You should purchase at least one Zip disk to store your work on; I recommend two in case you have problems with the first.


If you wish to dispute your final course grade, you must do so before the end of the quarter following this one; otherwise documentation of your work may not be available.

Last Day to Drop the Class: For this quarter, you can drop the class on or before September 15th, 2003 . After that date, you must withdraw from the course, which will show on your transcript as a W.

Last Day to Withdraw: The deadline for withdrawing from a course with a W grade is the end of the 6th week of the quarter. Forms may be obtained from the IT office, and must be signed by your instructor. Completed forms should be returned to the IT office no later than the last day of the 6th week . After that date, a grade will be assigned based on the work that you have submitted.

"Incomplete" Grades: You may request an incomplete, or "I" grade, only in cases where exceptional conditions beyond your control, such as accidents, severe illness, family problems, etc., have kept you from completing the course. You must alert us to these circumstances as soon as possible--telling your instructor in Feburary that you were sick in January is not acceptable. If your request for an incomplete is granted, you must complete the work for the course within the time limits set by the instructor. The maximum time is two (2) academic quarters. Unfinished "I" grades automatically become "F".
Incomplete grades are not given to students who have simply fallen behind in their work.

projects We will have three major projects during the quarter. These projects will build upon concepts covered in the class and in exercises, and are your opportunity to expand your understanding and apply creativity to the concepts learned.
Multimedia projects tend to be time-consuming, so plan to get started early!
quizzes &
We will have short quizzes several times during the quarter. These will typically be given first thing in the class that day. (Another reason to be on time!!) No make-up quizzes will be given.

A final practicum will be given in which you may demonstrate your mastery of the course material. For this practical exam, you will be given a task to accomplish on the computer. The practical exam is not designed to be extremely difficult, but it is mandatory. No make-up practicum will be given.

Assignments submitted after the due date/time, without prior approval from me, will lose one full letter grade for each day that they are late. If you know that a situation will prevent you from turning something in, contact me in advance of the deadline to make alternate arrangements.

Your grade for the quarter will be calculated as follows:
  • Assignment 1 - Course Starter Page (5%)
  • Project 1: Information Spance (25%)
  • Project 2: Game or Interactive Environment (25%)
  • Project 3: Media Synchronization (15%)
  • Quizzes/Practical Exam (30%)
I will post announcements related to class in our class conference on the IT FirstClass server, rather than sending mass e-mails. I will also set up conferences for each group; I strongly suggest that you use them for group communication. If you do not yet have an IT account (or an NT account, which you'll need to use the PCs in the lab), you can get accounts set up in the IT learning labs in building 70.

It is important that you understand what consitutes academic dishonesty, and what the penalty associated with it is. Read this policy carefully. Please note, in particular, the definitions of cheating and collusion. There is a fine line between asking for a classmate's help in solving a technical problem, and using their work as your own. Don't cross it. Similarly, while it's fine to get ideas from web sites, you must credit your source. If you violate the academic dishonesty policy, you will fail the course. It's just not worth it.

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