Group Assignment 1: Site Design Document

Due: Tuesday, October 10th, begining of class. (start of 6th week)

Assignment Description:

Create a design document for your group's site, using the guidelines provided in the Webmonkey IA tutorial.

You should create the document in a word processor, and submit it via the dropbox in mycourses. Page mock-ups can be included as part of the document (screen shots and diagrams), or you can provide an URL to a web-based mock-up as part of the design document.

Only one document should be submitted per group.

This assignment should be uploaded to the dropbox in mycourses no later than the beginning of class on the due date. A printed copy of the document should be brought to class on that day.

Grading Criteria:

I will evaluate these documents based on the following aspects:

  • Quality and comprehensiveness of content (did you include all the things outlined in the tutorial?)
  • Clarity of expression (how well did you express yourself? does it make sense? does it hang together as a cohesive document?)
  • Appropriateness of choices (was your identification of goals, initial design look & feel, etc, well-suited to the site and audience?)




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