Project 3 - E-Commerce and Infromational Site

4002-539/4004-739 - Fall Quarter (20051)

Due date: Wednesday November 16th by Midnight
Project 3:

Make some money...

Now, you too are going to have an opportunity to make it big when you build your very own E-Commerce Site. Or, in other words: using php and MySQL, you will create an E-Commerce Site to sell some group of consumer goods.

  • Description:
    Your third project is an addition to the first 2 projects. You will build an E-Commerce section for your site. This section will have the ability to sell at least 3 different category of items with 3 specific items in each. If you are selling shoes, you could sell basketball (with 3 different shoes in the 'basketball' category), running (with 3 different shoes in the 'running' category), etc.

  • Installation and submission:
    • The path to your project on vega: ~abc1234/pfw/project3/
    • The starting point for your project: index.php
    • Submit scripts to the dropbox in your course's FC conference.
    • You will supply me with a SQL dump of the database tables you used in this project (including any poll tables used) Hint: mysqldump
    • In the note to which your scripts are attached, please make sure that you provide a username and password that can be used to test your project.

  • Basic functionality of the e-commerce site
    • All of the polling activity MUST show up in index.php, all of the e-commerce activity can show up on 1 separate page
      • If you do it on 2 pages, make sure the second page 'looks' like the first

    • E-Commerce customer section:
      What the individual customer can do:
      • Buy one (or more) of each item.
      • They will have to enter email (real), street address and credit card information (fake).
      • Change their minds later about what/how much they have bought (at least until they click on the 'final purchase' button)
      • Once they click on the final purchase button (after they entered the information above), they will receive an email (to their email entered above) confirming their order.
      • That email should include what they bought and how much they spent.
      • Email should be formatted nicely

    • E-Commerce administrative section:
      Authorized administrative users can administer the content of e-commerce site from the web via this interface (NOT for general, public users of the site).
      • authenticate yourself
        Users must login and their username and password are checked against a database of users. Only after sucessfully logging in can they access the admin pages. Use session variables to enforce this.
      • administrative functionality
        • add a new item
          The admin can add any new item to any category they choose. This will include the addition of the price, description, image url, and quantity on hand
        • delete an item
          don't allow the deletion of the last item of that category, it will lead to other problems
        • modify an item
        • Give some thought to this. Should you be able to modify a poll that is over? How about the current active poll? You may want to use the field in the polls table for whether a poll is active or not to make your policy easier to implement.
        • add a new category
          ability to add any category of sale items.
        • delete a category
          ability to delete any category of sale items.
    • Quantity warnings
      • If any item's quantity drops below 50, have an email sent to the administrator with a warning message
        • Warning message will include which item is low and the current quantity
    • Other
      • What if the quantity goes down to 0? The product shouldn't show on the page...
Extras (examples only) Some Ideas (if in doubt, ask):

Give the user the ability to see if there are only a few left in stock

Random featured product on home page

Calculate a discount based upon

  • previous purchases
  • order amount greater than some pre-determined amount

Allow user to view their purchase history

Be Creative: Think of neat stuff that your site needs! (Be sure to list the extras in your post to the drop-box.)


Here are some tips that you may find come in handy:

  • Start with the E-Commerce section in a different page (not in index). Building the e-commerce section in the index can create problems with how your polls work...

The most essential element of the project is scripts that work properly and functionality that matches the requirements stated above.

  • ❑ 70% Functionality (does it work?)
  • ❑ 10% On-going development of your web-site home page
  • ❑ 20%Code quality and quality of design
Note: Meeting the requirements is a B.

    You must exceed the requirements in a non-trivial way to get an A.

    Due date: Wednesday, November 16th, midnight 10% per day late.


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