Assignment 1: Introductory Web Site

Due: Sunday, December 15th , by 5pm

Assignment Description:

Create a new web directory in your grace account (I am making you name it 737) for your assignments, and place in that directory an index.html page from which you will link all subsequent assignments.

The page must include a picture of yourself, your name, and your preferred e-mail address (the one you check most often, and would like me to use). Do your best to use the principles of design you learned in 741; I want to see the best you can do (that does not mean putting in every type of bell and whistle you can imagine; keep it simple and clean.)

All subsiquent individual assignments and in-class exercises will be graded going through this page, so make sure the link from the classlist is correct!

Grading Criteria:

Separate directory on Grace _____________
File named index.html _____________
Full URL sent to FirstClass conference _____________
Clean and accurate HTML _____________
Includes name _____________
Includes recognizable photo _____________
Includes e-mail address _____________
Provides space for future assignments to be linked _____________
Uses basic design principles (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity) _____________
Colors don't hurt my eyes _____________
Meets audience needs (and your audience would be...? :-) _____________