Assignment 3: Putting it all together

Due: Friday, Feburary 21st , at 5pm.

Assignment Description:

Assignment 3 will be a "new and improved" version of assignment 2. I want you to correct any problems I may have noted on assignment 2, and then add to it the various technologies we've covered this quarter, including style sheets, javascript, installing a CGI script for a contact form, server-side includes, and server-side authentication. If you want to include other technologies you've learned on your own, that's fine, too. Also note that your pages must show correctly in 5+ browsers on both platforms!

(Do not modify the original files in your assignment 2 directory; instead, copy them into a new directory for assignment 3.)

Specifically, you must include:

  • Server-side authentication for all or part of the site. Be sure to provide the user ID and password someplace where it can easily be seen or displayed, so that my grader and I can log into the password-protected section
  • A javascript that you've written yourself (not one generated by a program or retrieved from an archive). This can be as simple as an alert box or a jump menu like the ones we did in class.
  • A dhtml component from an archive site (make sure the source is clearly indicated in your code!). The component selected should add some value to the page it's on; it should not be a gratuitous addition to the site.
  • A contact form that uses the formmail CGI script from Matt's Script Archive. It should allow the user to select from more than one possible recipient (at least one of which should be me, so I can test it). At least one field should be required for the form to be submitted. You can use the built-in formmail authentication, but you can get additional credit for using javascript to authenticate the contents of the form before it's submitted via CGI.
  • Server-side includes for content on at least one page. (Make sure you indicate with comments where you're using the SSI, since what we see in the browser will be after the SSI is parsed.)
  • You must deal with NN4 in some way. Something as simple as a detection redirection from your first page is fine, but you MUST deal with it!
  • You will add to your annotated.css file with descriptions of the above and locations of the additions. (For easier grading!) If you fail to add to the file, I might miss your additions and you will lose points.



Grading Criteria:

Design principles (layout, use of color, etc) _____________
Organization/Navigation _____________
Corrections from A2 _____________
CSS _____________
Original javascript _____________
DHTML component _____________
CGI contact form _____________
Form validation _____________
Server-side includes _____________
Server-side authentication _____________
Other technologies _____________

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