Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY - (August 1994 - Present)

  • Bears total responsibility of the planning and delivery of the educational program which includes (and is not limited to) organization, administration, periodic review and evaluation,and continued development of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
  • Ensures that all educational and clinical training aspects of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program meet the requirements of the Institute and the "Essentials" set forth by the national Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
  • Chairs the Ultrasound Advisory Board which supports and influences the instructional program.
  • Serves and participates on Departmental, College, and Institute committees.
  • Assumes responsibilities for public relations in intercollegiate dealings and function as the spokesperson for the program.
  • Develops, establishes and coordinates all program materials for publication.
  • Supervises all activities of the ultrasound Clinical Coordinator and staff.
  • Develops and implements various policies and guidelines as they pertain to the Program, College, and Institute
  • Develops and maintains the alumni mailing list.
  • Recruits clinical and medical facilities for students’ training

•     Serves as an academic advisor for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Students
- counsels students regarding their academic options
- approves student entry into internship year
- assists students with academic problems
- serves as a resource person for students with special needs
- assists students with career needs and job placement
- assesses whether students have completed Program, Department, and Institute  requirements for graduation

  • Organizes various student social events and activities.
  • Utilizes multimedia tools in instruction and presentations (i.e. multiple projection systems).
  • Conducts site visits to affiliated hospital and clinics to ensure program policies and essentials are followed and student learning is accomplished.
  • Revises the Student’s Internship Manual regularly.
  • Moderates continuing education conferences for students, alumni, sonographers, and physicians.
  • Instructs students in different areas of ultrasound.  
  • Instructs students in the areas of patient care, medical ethics, and legal issues.




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