Frosty Cheeks

Spring Semester Freshman Year Group Project

Developed in MonoGame using C#

Role: Main Gameplay Programmer


GitHub Link

Frosty Cheeks was my 4 person group project in my Spring semester of freshman year for my C# programming class. This game is an infinite runner where the player is late to class and must run to class during the unforgiving Rochester, NY winter weather. The game ends when you get too cold to continue, which gauged by the thermometer turning entirely blue.

The player can pick up power-ups that can turn the player invincible or increase or decrease his pants/shorts length. Shorter shorts means the character move faster, but his body temperature decreases faster while longer pants make him run slower but slows his drop in body temperature. There is also a frame builder included that allows you to build your own frames to be loaded into the game. Obstacles are placed on each frame, and a corresponding difficulty can be set, so that the frame will only appear after a certain amount of time in-game. Finally, there is a local high-score record, so make sure you set the highest score and see if someone can beat it!

Frosty Cheeks Main Menu Frosty Cheeks Gameplay Screenshot Frosty Cheeks High Score Screen

Flesh Farm (working title)

RIT Imagine Cup Hack-a-Thon 2015 Project

Developed in Unity3D using C#

Role: Gameplay Programmer


GitHub Link

This was created in my first Game Jam/Hack-a-Thon setting as a team of two. My friend and I thought of the idea while I was currently addicted to a mobile game that he introduced me to called DragonVale. As such, this game took a lot of initial inspiration from DragonVale.

Flesh Farm is a collection game where the idea is that you are an alien corporation tasked to experiment on humans. You gain humans from the "Abduction Pool" (the triangular shaped structure) and can place them in "Habitats" to observe them for funding. You can also infuse humans with materials to give them special properties (in the current version it only increases their income) or place them in the "Masher" to mash two humans together to make another human that has a combination of both "parents" qualities. Your funding is spent on buying more habitats for your humans and was planned to eventually be used to send out humans to gather more materials and purchase upgrades.

Flesh Farm Beginning of Tutorial Flesh Farm End of Tutorial Flesh Farm Gameplay Screenshot

Morning Madness

Global Game Jam 2016 Project

Developed in Unity3D using C#

Role: Main Gameplay Programmer


GitHub Link

Morning Madness was created during Global Game Jam 2016 in a 6 person group. The topic for the jam was "Ritual!" and we went on the theme of a morning ritual. Additionally, we drew inspiration from games such as The Beginner's Guide and That Dragon, Cancer where it's a meaningful experience.

In the game the character suffers from rampant memory loss. The doctors informed the player that the only way to slow the effects are to perform his daily routine in perfect order. The only problem is that the player has no clue what that routine is and must work to piece it together before it's too late and they're driven to the point of no return. In the current state, it's mostly guess work, but in an updated version there will be subtle feedback for correct choices and clues in the characters beside journal.

Morning Madness As Soon As You Enter Game Morning Madness Kitchen Morning Madness Gameplay Screenshot

The Opportune King

Spring Semester Sophomore Group Project

Board Game (5-9 players)

Role: N/A


The Witch has attempted a spell to tranform her looks to that of the King. However, something went wrong. Eight other people in the city have been transformed as well! With no one able to tell the difference between the 'Kings', each one must vie for power and influence in the court, or eliminate the competition.

The Opportune King is a board game that was created for my Game Design and Development class. It was a 5 person group project. The Opportune King is a hidden role and intrigue game that draws inspiration from Game of Thrones, and games like Love Letter, Settlers of Catan, Coup, Secret Hitler, and Mafia.

In the game, each player can plays cards to affect themselves and/or other players or trade cards to help further their goals. Each role gives a certain number of Influence Points for each goal completed at the end of the game. Goals can include getting the Real King elected, killing the Real King, killing other players in general, keeping players alive, acquiring the most of a certain card type, acquiring or discarding certain cards, or getting certain people elected. Players must decide which roles are best to work with or must be taken care of before they foil their plans in order to win.

The Opportune King Cover The Opportune King King Player Card The Opportune King Witch Player Card The Opportune King Cards

Audio Visualizers

Spring 16 / Fall 17 Solo Projects

HTML5 / JavaScript Applications

Below are two audio visualizers that I have done for Rich Media Web App Development. Each visualizer was written in HTML5 and JavaScript. Links are on the pictures. (Music warning for the second one, it's an odd genre)

Audio Visualiser Audio Visualiser