james bailey's portfolio

This is a culmination of my best design work I have assembled while studying New Media Design at Rochester Institue of Technology. These pieces illustrate my design knowledge and creative ways of thinking. Enjoy!

diner still

F1 vs Porsche

A visual comparison between two supercars

bottles still


A 3D interior modeling project

diner still


A quick thematic look at the Predator

bottles still


An exciting title sequence about paper

imagine still

Imagine RIT

Poster design submission for Imagine RIT 2017

roc hall still

Rochester Music Hall of Fame

Poster design submission for Rochester Music Hall of Fame

bottles still

myCourses redesign

A face-lift for RIT's myCourses

diner still

The Reel

A premium sports highlights app

bottles still


A 3D model of the Batman spotlight

fletcher still


A 3D object study modeling