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ColorCoded gameplay


ColorCoded is a hexagonal color combination puzzle game made in Unity 5.2.5 using C# in Visual Studio.
This was a group project, worked on by myself, Robert Bailey, Kenny Probeck, Noah Kellam, and Luke Hedrick.
While initially a class project, Rob, Kenny, and I brought this game into Microsoft Imagine Cup 2016, where we reached
both the Winter and Spring semi-final round. We currently have over 100 levels, and are working on developing
more content. For this project, I was lead designer, gameplay programmer, and puzzle designer.

While we started with mobile in mind, we also created a web build that can be played here!
(there is a data limit, so if the build is unavailable at first, it's because the limit was surpassed, and it should reset within a day.)
Currently, there is an Android .apk build, and I am working on creating a build for iOS. You can download
the Android build by clicking here, and the code is on a GitHub repository you can find here!


VRoom is a VR vehicle combat game I'm working on as a part of Falling Tricycle Games. My role in
this project is gameplay programmer.VRoom is being made in Unreal Engine, making use of both Blueprints
and C++. For more details about the project,including early gameplay videos and some developer interviews,
be sure to check out the dev blog that our team lead, Robert Bailey, is keeping here!


AndR0id is another VR game I'm developing independently in UnityVR with the use of the HTC Vive.
My plan for AndR0id is to make a game where you play as a robot infused with a human soul, with a
device that can take you to parallel universes. It will be mostly an exploration/puzzle game. I don't yet
have a build for it, but you can find the code on the GitHub repository here!
Audio Visualizer

Audio Visualizer

While the audio visualizer isn't a game, it's still a cool project I'm proud of. The visualizer
was coded by me in JavaScript using the Canvas API, and the UI on the side was done in CSS.
While it was done for a class project, I highly enjoyed working on this, and can see myself
going back to improve it in my spare time. Currently, the visualizer is hosted here!


InDICEsion was an analog game made by myself, Robert Bailey, Kenny Probeck, Noah Kellam, and Luke Hedrick.
The game was based around colored foam dice that you rolled onto a board to score points. You can also
throw the dice to knock another player's die off the board. We had multiple game modes, and one
gave the dice different powers based on what color it was. For this game, I worked as a gameplay
designer and playtester.

Bombs Away!

Bombs Away! is another analog game that I worked on both individually and with Professor Elouise Oyzon
at RIT as an independent study. The narrative of the game is you play as a pirate who has landed
at a pier where rival pirate crews are also docked. To win, you can either collect the supplies
your crew needs and make it back to the pier, or find and craft bombs to blow up your enemies.
I would like to continue working on this game, and eventually publish it in the near future.


Contradictory is the most recent story I've been working on. The synopsis is that four people
suddenly gain powers that directly oppose their strongest desire. I'm writing Contradictory as a
series of short stories, told from the perspectives of each character. Currently, I have two stories
that I'm editing and one that I'm finishing up writing. I plan to add links here once I post them somewhere.

Gods Among Us

Gods Among Us is one of the most expansive stories I've written thus far. Gods Among Us takes place in a
world where humans were ravaged and attacked by Beasts, and to fight against them, humans began praying
to the gods of their world. These gods chose to grant the humans Gifts, a brand that allows
humans to channel the power of that god or goddess. Nearly 2,000 years after the conflict begins,
the story kicks off under Zachary, the last follower of the Goddess of the Night, Zestriel.
At the start of the story, Zestriel grants Zachary her gift, the power to wield dark magic,
and he goes off to hunt for the source of the Beasts, which has remained hidden for almost two
centuries. I plan on making this story into a game eventually, but I'm holding off for now because
it would be a heavy undertaking. I currently have seven story arcs planned out, not including the main storyline.

Life in Reverse

This is a story I began writing for an Interactive Narrative class. This story is told through
a game in RenPY. You play as a college student with almost complete amnesia, who ends
up finding his best friend dead in her room. After falling unconscious from this,
he wakes up the day before, and realizes he is living "reverse," moving backwards through
the days rather than forward. This story is still a work-in-progress, as it's a class
project, but I'm enjoying working on it so far.


Godseeker is another story I'm planning on making into a game at some point in the near future. Godseeker follows the story of
a nameless wanderer who stumbles upon the land of Veneria, which is inhabited by five warring kingdoms. Many years ago,
a lowly drifter stumbled upon the den of a god, who granted the drifter immense power. The drifter, who changed his name
to Arlan, used this power to unite the five kingdoms. After his death, however, the god locked the gates to the castle
with five enchantments, and sent a counter-spell for each to the leader of each of the five kingdoms. With this new power,
and no more king, the kingdoms returned to war.

Upon arriving in Veneria, the nameless wanderer finds a young girl outside
the gates of the castle. She tells the wanderer a story of the past, when her best friend and loyal knight went to each of
the five kingdoms, fought through their armies, and recovered the counter-spells. After he entered the castle, however, the
seals went back up, and he was never heard from again. He is remembered in legend as the First Godseeker, a man who gave his
live to plead with the god for peace. Now, in the present, the young girl recruits the wanderer to continue the mantle
of Godseeker, and try to once again recover the counter-spells and enter the castle.

The Lost Mage

The Lost Mage is a story that I have actually started making into a game, though it is through RPG Maker,
so I felt it wouldn't fit right in my projects. I also have more story than game, so it's here instead.

The Lost Mage takes place in a world where the study of magic was kept isolated within one kingdom, Magriel.
People who wanted to study magic or magical artifacts went there to do so. One day, however, the kingdom
suddenly vanished, along with the land itself. Years later, King Reigan of Ishterel, a kingdom centered on the
continent of Elenoir, finds magical weapons and artifacts hidden beneath his castle, and uses them to launch
a conquest of the continent. As magic has been nonexistent for many ages, no other kingdom can fight against
the artifacts, and the continent is quickly taken. Reigan then sets his sights on the island of Vehel, and the
king of Vehel sends his daughter away to an isolated old tower to keep her safe. There, the princess finds
an old magical tome, and begins to teach herself magic in the days before the incoming assault.

I have the central plot and the last two areas of the game planned out, but this story is still far from
complete. However, it's one of my favorites, and I'm excited to keep working on it in the future.
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About Me

My name is John Palermo, and I'm a third-year at Rochester Institute of Technology.
I'm doing a major in Game Design and Development, a minor in Japanese, and planning on an immersion (mini-minor) in Creative Writing.
More information about me personally and my contact info are to the side!

Contact Me!


Phone: (631) 327-5563

Other sites: LinkedIn logo FB logo GitHub logo

Why Game Design?

I, along with many others in my major, have been playing games for almost their entire lives. The first ones I can remember
playing devotedly are the Pokemon games, Sly Cooper series, and Ratchet and Clank. I can still remember how much I would look
forward to playing Sly 3 back when it first came out. In high school, I took a Creative Writing and Computer Science class,
which made me realize just how much I enjoyed programming and storytelling. I decided to take my loves of writing and coding, and
turn them into a way to (hopefully) give the same joy I feel when playing games to others.

Favorite Games?

Truly, a difficult question. I'm currently playing through Persona 4 Golden in preparation for Persona 5, and
I'm loving it. I also, expectedly, highly enjoy most story-driven games like The Walking Dead or Life is Strange.
I love the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne because I hate myself. The Fire Emblem series is also definitely up there
in my favorites, but I can't pick a favorite out of them. And of course, the three on the last page are way up there.


The top spot for "Favorite Free-Time-Killer" is a two-way tie, between gaming and writing (probably expected).
Outside of those, I tend to spend my time reading, watching movies/TV, listening to music, and spending time with my
friends. All pretty generic hobbies, I know, but I still like them. Oh, I also sing from time to time, though
not publicly nor while being recorded (for good reason, trust me).

Anything Else?

I'm sure you can guess my favorite color at this point. Purple is just too nice.
I also want to learn how to play guitar at some point, though that's in the back of my mind for now.
And...I can't think of anything else for right now! Thanks for reading!