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RNMSL is the research laboratory and group of Dr. John-David R. Rocha in the Rochester Institute of Technology's College of Science School of Chemistry & Materials Science. We're interested in utilizing optical spectroscopic techniques to study important fundamental nanomaterial properties and assisting producers and end-users meet on the same page to achieve highly desired next-generation products.

2014 Graduations

Dr. Rocha congratulates Leonard Breindel and Rakan Ashour on their completion of their MS degrees in Chemistry and Materials Science Engineering, respectively. Also, congratulations to Mikhail Solomonik on completion of his BS degree in Chemistry.

Summer and Fall 2014

A new undergraduate Chemistry major, Bilal Zeghum, joined the RNMSL this Spring. He will join Dustin and Ryan for Summer research. Also following the overwhelming success of Dr. Rocha's course in Computational Chemistry, it is scheduled to be offered again in 2014. Some advanced undergraduate and graduate students have already signed up and enrollment is expected to approach 10 again, not counting other faculty participants also attending the course. We will utilize the recently installed campus site-license of Gaussian 09W.

Invited Seminars

Dr. Rocha's invitation to speak during RIT's School of Physics & Astronomy's Colloqium series has been postponed to Fall 2014.

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Asst. Prof. of Chemistry & Materials Science, with experience in academic, government and industrial research.
Dr. Rocha Rice University
Rakan is currently an MS student in the Center of Materials Science and Engineering following work as a sales engineer.
Rakan Ashour KAU
Lenny joined as a Chemistry MS Student in Fall 2012 following work as a bartender, beer packager, and a volunteer firefighter.
Leonard Breindel SUNY-Oswego
Dustin is from W. Virginia and recently joined as a Chemistry MS student this Fall 2013.
Dustin Woods Ipsumlorem College
Currently a 2nd year B.S Chemistry major who is an active brother of Alpha Chi Sigma and the American Chemical Society.
Ryan Capasse RIT Sophomore
A junior chemistry student at RIT interested in physical chemistry, forensics, fitness, and nutrition.
Alyssa Dibble RIT Junior
A second year chemistry major who in his spare time loves wrestling and being outdoors.
Mikhail Solomonik RIT Sophomore
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