Quantum Chemistry 1014-442

(DISCONTINUED)Previously taught Winter Quarter 2012-2013 under RIT's quarter system .
Adopted textbook: Silbey, Alberty, Bawendi - Physical Chemistry, 4th Ed. (Wiley).
This course is being revamped and expanded for a full semester course: Physical Chemistry II CHMP-442.

Chemical Kinetics Lab 1014-447

(DISCONTINUED)Previously taught Spring Quarter 2012-2013 under RIT's quarter system .
This course material is now being incorporated into a writing intensive, single semester course: Adv. Physical Chemistry Laboratory CHMP-443.

Computational Chemistry CHMP-753

Initial offering Fall 2013 semester as a graduate course (School of Chemistry & Materials Science) and open to advanced undergraduates, and others with interests and sufficient background in quantum chemistry.
Adopted textbooks: Leach - Molecular Modelling: Principles and Applications, 2nd Ed. (Prentice-Hall).
Foresman & Frisch - Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure Methods, 2nd Ed. (Prentice-Hall).
Recommended texts: Cramer - Essentials of Computational Chemistry, 2nd Ed. (Wiley).

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Physical Chemistry II CHMP-442

Initial offering Spring 2013. Traditional undergraduate Chemistry course to include introduction and breadth of application of Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics to chemical problems.
Adopted textbook: Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary - Physical Chemistry, 4th Ed. (Brooks-Cole).
Recommended texts: TBD.