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Microelectronic Engineering
Dr. Lynn Fuller


In a word our Mission is Microsystems.  Our definition of Microsystems is the integration of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) with CMOS electronics for a wide variety of applications including biomedical, automotive, industrial and military.  Examples of our recent research is given in the "Research Portfolio" below.  More details on some of the projects is also available.  Research is a learning experience and an opportunity to teach and learn for all involved.  Our team includes BS, MS, PhD students and faculty in Engineering and Science.

Currently our research team is called "Team Galt" after John Galt a fictitious character in Ayn Rand's 1957 classic novel Atlas Shrugged. He was an engineer who challenged his contemporaries to rise above mediocrity and to think outside the box. The question “Who is John Galt?” is posed to express frustration with being stuck with the commonplace, and the answer is really the spirit of challenging and rising above expectations.

Our Vision is to develop recognized leadership in the area of Microsystems, the integration of MEMS with CMOS electronics.
Team Galt
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Research Portfolio
Research Portfolio
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Detection of Specific DNA
Chemical Sensors
Chemical Sensors
MEMS Sensors and
Pressure Sensor
Latest RIT Bulk Micromachine Process
Viscoscity Sensor.pdf
0.25µm CMOS
CMOS Processes